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We’re a rental business in a box

Rental income isn’t passive and it is full of risks. The landlords we serve are not real-estate titans with hundreds of units. They are teachers, nurses, and service members that believe investing in real estate is a path for them to build a better life for themselves and a legacy for their family.  

At TurboTenant, our mission is to provide the software and processes to make managing their rentals efficient and professional so they can spend less time managing their properties while hitting their financial goals.

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#bebetter introduction

Virtues over values

Virtues are what you do; values are what you believe. 

At TurboTenant, we have created the Be Better Virtues as a playbook for the behaviors that drive our culture and make us who we are. Our Be Better Virtues keep us in a constant state of improvement, doing the best work of our careers, and creating the highest performing, most cohesive team we’ve had the privilege to be part of. 

We are not building a family, a religion, or a club. We are a company. The most crucial goal of our culture is that we all behave in a predictable way that increases the likelihood of successful outcomes for users, the team, and our shareholders.

grow with us

Who we are

We’re a group of builders passionate about the landlords and tenants we serve. We authentically live our Be Better Virtues and take pride in our ability to grow, learn, and unlock our potential. With offices in Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado, we believe in the power of building strong working relationships through hybrid working.


Katie Stewart

QA Analyst


Vacancy Cycle

Joined TurboTenant



Started as a marketing intern in our original Fort Collins office and began her journey into helping landlords be better.


Pivoted to a Customer Support Specialist role where she became a mentor for new hires and a “go-to” person for product knowledge.


Dove into the technical side of our product as an Associate Quality Assurance Analyst, embracing the challenge with enthusiasm.


Promoted to a Quality Assurance Analyst and charged with the mission to ensure top-notch product quality and deliver excellence to our users.

Sarah McTate

Director of People & Culture

Joined TurboTenant



Started as a Project Manager, aka ‘swiss army knife’.


Promoted to Director of Business & People Operations partnering with CEO & Founder on day to day operations.


Pointed focus to People & Culture and loves building relationships and systems to inspire the humans at TurboTenant to do their best work while also unlocking their best selves.

Raj Karyampudi

Principal Product Manager


Leasing & Tenancy

Joined TurboTenant



Joined TurboTenant as a Senior Product Manager.


Promoted to Principal Product Manager overseeing the Leasing & Residency team.


Released the multi-unit property feature allowing landlords to better organize the management of their property portfolios!

headshot of djordje petrovic

Djordje Petrovic "Peki"

Manager of Engineering


Mobile App

Joined TurboTenant



Joined as a Senior Software Engineer when the Engineering org was small but mighty.

Early 2022

His dedication to #EmbraceThePlunger lead him to a promotion to Level 4 Engineer.

Late 2022

Pointed his focus toward people managing a team of engineers who focus on TurboTenant’s mobile application.

TurboTenant’s #BeBetter environment is not a fit for most.

Working at TurboTenant is not designed to be comfortable. You’ll take on tasks you’ve never done before but will be granted grace as you build new skills and unlock your potential.

Working at TurboTenant does not come with participation trophies. We highlight wins and losses and grow from them.

Working at TurboTenant is not designed to be easy. You will be challenged each day to #BeBetter, and we expect you to challenge others to do the same.

an engaged team

Culture by the numbers

Quarterly engagement surveys keep a pulse on the team’s feelings about their work, company direction, and our culture. It’s how we Play to Win.

TurboTenant at Top Golf
Our company's leaders clearly communicate our goals and virtues.
Agree 96%
I am committed to our Be Better Virtues.
Agree 96%
I am proud when I tell others I work for TurboTenant.
Agree 92%
My manager empowers me with the right level of support needed for me to accomplish my work goals.
Agree 94%
I am confident in the success of TurboTenant.
Agree 94%
My manager cares about me as a person.
Agree 98%

Living our Virtues

#UnlockingPotential means recognizing each team member’s superpower and aligning their work accordingly. It means not settling for anything less than greatness and expecting those standards of others. And lastly, it means embracing evolution.


Customer Experience

When we #CraveFeedback, we have an innate desire to improve. And not only to improve our own work, but the work of others too. We hunger for suggestions, push-back, and contrarian viewpoints.



To #IncreaseVelocity I ask myself, “What must I do now to make our landlords’ lives easier (or better) in the near future?” It’s motivating to be a part of a fast-paced team that gets things done without cutting corners.”


Product Marketing

I find it energizing to be at a place that wants to create the #FunnestTeamOfMyCareer. Having fun isn’t just about playing around. It’s collaborating with one another on a human level which includes gratitude for the entire journey.


Customer Experience

I’m grateful to #ObsessAboutTheRentalProcess at TurboTenant. Diving deep into important topics that impact landlords and renters across the U.S. has made me a better writer, researcher, and public speaker. Lucky me!



You have permission to #EmbraceThePlunger and run toward the hardest problems to solve at TurboTenant. We bring creativity everyday to find the best solutions for our users.

Djordje P.


Ted Lasso said it best “If God would have wanted games to end in a tie, She wouldn’t have invented numbers”. #PlayToWin at TurboTenant means we’re always keeping score. We go for the win at all times or we’ve already failed. You know we’re going to set hard goals, but we also give you the resources needed to do it.”



Come work with us

Our hiring process

Your application and resume will be reviewed to screen for role specific requirements.

You’ll meet with the Hiring Manager so they can get to know you and see if you have potential to be a great fit for our Be Better culture.

You’ll complete a role-specific exercise that allows you to showcase your skills and collaborate with our team. This could be a take home project or a live working session.

This step is crucial and is used to dig into your fit for our company, our culture, and the specific role. It’s also a great time for you to ask questions and get to know us.

This is the last stop to ensure you’re the perfect fit for TurboTenant.

We’ll ask to speak to 3 references who can speak to their experience working with you.

If you’re the best candidate for the role, we’ll walk you through your official offer live!

meeting behind glass in office

Diversity & Inclusion: How we're taking action

Every day, tens of thousands of landlords and renters interact with TurboTenant. They represent diverse backgrounds and communities. We have a responsibility to do our part in fighting discrimination that occurs in the rental market.

The TurboTenant team outside

Recruiting for Diversity

We mitigate bias in our hiring process by writing job descriptions that prompt diversity and inclusion. We get our job openings in front of a diverse pool of candidates and follow a regimented hiring process crafted to spot and eliminate biases.

An Inclusive User Experience

From product copy to our live chat guidelines, we work to create an inclusive experience for all landlords and renters. We also provide training and escalation paths so our employees feel supported and capable when handling difficult conversations.


Stock Options

To create an owner’s mindset, US-based team members have ownership in TurboTenant through option grants.

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Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans covered at 100%.

Competitive Salary

Your role, career level, market demand, and performance drive our compensation philosophy.

calendar icon

Flexible PTO

22 PTO days per year to use alongside eight paid holidays, and a bonus day off for your birthday makes 31 paid days off!


US based team members get 50% contribution matching.

Come work with us

Ready for your work to impact the success of our company and 100s of thousands of landlords and renters? Think you’ll thrive in our #BeBetter culture?
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