Are You Committing These Property Listing Blunders?

When it comes to filling a vacant rental property, one of the most important steps to drive larger applicant numbers is to create a property listing and advertise your rental property. However, creating a property listing is not enough. Your property listing needs to be high quality and follow some best practices in order to actually increase the number of applicants interested in your property. Are you committing any of these major property listing blunders? If so, you could be deterring potential tenants.

Mistake #1: Your Listing Doesn’t Include Important Information

One of the biggest mistakes landlords make when creating a property listing is not including relevant and important information. You can wax eloquent about your beautiful, cozy home, but if you neglect to include important info, applicants may move along to another property

  • What are some of the most critical items to include?
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Square footage
  • Washer/dryer information (in unit? onsite? offsite?)
  • Cost of rent
  • Pet policy
  • Cost of deposits
  • Date available
  • Location

Make sure you at least cover these basics. Other items you may want to cover include whether or not there is a yard, if the yard is fenced if there is extra storage on property, such as a shed.

Tip for property listing and rental advertising

Mistake #2: Your Listing Is Difficult To Read

Writing is not everyone’s strength. If you know you struggle with grammar, punctuation, and the general flow of writing, consider having a friend or relative read over your property listing. If your ad is filled with errors or is just difficult to comprehend, you might deter potential applicants.

You can even mitigate errors by installing a free web browser extension like Grammarly, which will point out your grammatical errors as you go. While your listing doesn’t need to be up to the standards of an academic paper, a well-written listing will present your property professionally. Think about the layout of your listing as well. Bullet points offer a great way to highlight features without making the listing too long-winded.

ensure your property listing is easy to read

Mistake #3: Your Listing Doesn’t Highlight The Best Features

Remember, when you create a property listing, you are trying to sell the property to the ideal tenant. Responsible tenants who have great credit scores and excellent rental history are going to be looking for the best property within their budget. When a tenant doesn’t need to worry about being rejected, they are more likely to be picky. These are the very tenants you want in your property, as you will be paid on time and not have to stress about evictions.

To attract these ideal tenants, make sure you highlight the best features your property has. Go beyond the basics listed above and add other features to your ad. Is your property located near a coveted part of town? Mention how it’s only a short walk away. Does the backyard have a beautiful patio, perfect for summer evening get-togethers? Make sure potential applicants know about outstanding features when they read your listing.

showcase the best of your property

Mistake #4: Your Listing Is Lacking Photos

The old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words rings particularly true in the rental market. Property listings without photos are far less likely to entice applicants. People want to get a quick idea of what the property is like before they take the time to schedule a showing.

If you have zero photos of your property, start by adding photos that showcase the most important aspects. Make sure there are photos of the bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and backyard. If you already have photos up, but they are low-quality, take the time to visit the property and update the photos.

include high quality photos with your listing

Mistake #5: Your Listing Includes Outdated Information

Does your property listing include outdated information? This can be a huge deterrent for potential applicants. For example, let’s say someone is interested in your property based on the listing and they schedule a showing with you. When they visit the property, they find out that the included washer and dryer are no longer in the rental property. This can be frustrating for the interested party, as that may have been a non-negotiable item on their list.

Big items to always make sure are up-to-date include:

  • The list of amenities
  • The cost of rent
  • The cost of deposits
  • Your pet policy
  • When the property is available

update important information when you list your property

Mistake #6: Your Listing Is Hard To Find

Lastly, even if you create an outstanding property listing, it will do you no good if the listing is impossible to find. Listings that are not easily accessible online will not provide you with the same number of applicants as listings that are syndicated across the web. Create an outstanding property listing and then publish it on the internet.
Using a free tool, like ours at TurboTenant can save you heaps of time. Instead of recreating your listing on every website you want to post to, you can simply create your property description on our website. Upload photos, personalize it and then turn on marketing. We will handle publishing it out across an array of property listing channels. You will also be provided with your own web page for the property listing, which you can send out directly to interested parties. Make sure you avoid these property listing blunders. Sign up below to get started with TurboTenant’s free rental advertising.

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