The Key To Avoiding Tenant Eviction Is Not What You Think

As a landlord, your goal is to avoid as much hassle as possible when it comes to managing your rental properties. One of the biggest headaches for any landlord is the process of eviction. Though tenants may believe landlords take great joy in evicting a problem renter, the reality is that landlords would love avoiding evictions at all costs. The eviction process is time consuming, costly, and can create a world of drama for the landlord.

How do you avoid tenant eviction? This has been a hot topic for a long time in the world of landlording. There has traditionally been one answer returned to again and again: tenant screening. While we definitely maintain that tenant screening is a critical step to avoiding tenant eviction, we believe it is not actually the first step.

So what is the first, crucial step in avoiding tenant evictions? It all begins with how you advertise the rental property.

The Reason Rental Advertising Is The Key Prevention Plan

While you undoubtedly realize the importance of advertising a property for rent, you may not have connected it to helping you prevent tenant eviction. The full cycle picture lies in the integration of exceptional property marketing with an unbeatable tenant screening process.

graphic demonstrating the importance of rental marketing to avoid evictions

The reason why you should focus on your rental advertising first and foremost is that this is the very thing that will drive a greater number of applicants to your property. More applicants will provide you with more options during the screening process.

The scenario will go one of two ways.

1. You List Your Property In One Or Two Locations With Little Focus On Marketing

the tenant who gets evictedYour lack of presence online and the half-hearted marketing attempts means not very many people are seeing your property and those who are seeing it are, frankly, unimpressed. This means countless qualified applicants pass you up or are completely unaware you exist.

The result? Shady Shawn is the only person who applies to your property. He has a bit of an unsavory background and when you run his credit check, the results are less than ideal. However, the property has sat vacant for so long, you listen to his sob story and bend the rules a little. After all, isn’t a vacant property the worst thing that can happen? Unfortunately, it’s not. Down the road, Shady Shawn stops paying his rent, trashes your rental, and you find yourself full swing in the eviction process. This costs you time, money, and a huge hassle you would rather avoid.

2. You List Your Property Across Multiple Channels With A Compelling Description

row of applicants filling out an online rental applicationIn the second scenario, your property is found on numerous websites, you have a beautiful web page dedicated just to your property listing, and you have written a compelling description. Not only have you let people know about the best features of your property, but you have also included high-quality photos showcasing the rental.

The result? Shady Shawn applies, as well as ten other qualified candidates. After running tenant screening checks on each applicant, you quickly weed out Shady Shawn due to his low credit score. You send him an Adverse Action Letter and move on to a more qualified candidate. Down the road, you enjoy a smooth relationship with the tenant you chose, and the rent payments come in on time each month.

all-in-one landlord software solution

Find An All-In-One Solution

From the above scenarios, you can see how important marketing is to avoiding tenant evictions. In our next post, we will delve deeper into tips and tricks for attracting more applicants to your rental property. That being said, excellent marketing cannot stand alone. You still need to screen tenants thoroughly in order to make the wisest decision.

This is where an all-in-one solution is an ideal fit. Choosing a landlord software that allows you to market your property for free, with an integrated application and tenant screening process, will drive the best long-term results for you.

The TurboTenant Advantage

From marketing your property across countless channels to the final screening process, TurboTenant is here to make your life easier. Not only can you easily build out a beautiful web page to showcase your property that is syndicated across the web, but you can also save that property listing for later use. The moment someone is scheduled to move out, you can simply turn your marketing back on. The best part? It’s all free. 100 percent zero cost to landlords. No hidden fees. No credit cards down. No subscription. Our goal is to provide landlords with the solutions they need to find the right tenants for their rental properties. To learn more about how to advertise your rental property, simply click here. Welcome to the world of easy landlording.

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