Application Authorization Policy

Applicant declares that the information contained in this rental application is true, complete and correct, and understands and agrees that any false statements or representations identified herein may result in rejection, without further notice, of this and any future applications for tenancy in housing. Applicant specifically authorizes and directs any and all persons or entities named by Applicant herein (including TurboTenant, Inc.) to receive, provide, and exchange with the property owner, it’s principals, agents and employees, any information pertaining to them, including but not limited to confidential information pertaining to their credit and payment history, the opinions and recommendations of their personal and employment references, their rental history, criminal history, driving record, military background, civil listings, educational background, and any professional licenses. Applicant hereby waives any right of action now or hereafter accruing against any person or entity as a consequence of the release or exchange of such confidential information.