Leases For Multiple Tenants: Tips For Landlords

While many landlords are accustomed to leasing their rental property to a single family, there are many times when a different situation arises. The landlord is faced with renting a property to multiple tenants under one lease. This happens often, especially in college towns. It is even more common nowadays when the use of social media […]

When A Tenant Wants To Break A Lease: What Landlords Can Dobreaking a lease

A few months after a new tenant has signed on the dotted line agreeing to pay the rent in a timely manner for the next 12 months, they unexpectedly want to move out. No matter why this may be, every tenant who does this strongly believes that they have a good reason to break a […]

Smoothing Your Tenant Turnover Processtenants meeting with landlord during tenant turnover process

So one of your rental tenants is ready to move on. The tenant turnover process is a natural part of being a landlord, but that doesn’t make it easy. The vast majority of the time, being a landlord is a fairly relaxed occupation. While you need to be ready for repairs and emergencies at any […]

Top Three Dog-Friendly Cities For Rentersdog friendly cities for renters

With an increasing number of Millennials turning to dog ownership over becoming parents, the demand for dog-friendly cities is on the rise. This week we took a look at the top three dog-friendly cities for renters across the U.S. To make our list, we factored into the equation the number of off-leash dog parks each […]

How should I determine the price of rent?how to set the price of rent

How Rent Prices Are Determined When you purchase your first rental property and you are looking to fill the vacancy with tenants, you will need to start with determining the price of rent. Choosing a proper rent price will be important for running a profitable rental business as well as in attracting renters. Rentals that […]

What Is Tenant Screening? And Why You Should Do ItWhat is tenant screening

If you have been alive for more than a handful of years, you have likely experienced more than one occasion where you made a poor judgment call in regards to someone’s character. Whether you married the wrong person, took a job with a horrible boss, or were taken advantage of by a supposed friend, most […]

How Much $1,000/Mo Can You Get a Rental for in Madison, WisconsinMadison Skyline

Madison, Wisconsin is a large, beautiful city. Actually, it’s the second-largest city in Wisconsin, is known for the dome-shaped capital, which was built after the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. Madison is a great city for singles, families, and the elderly due to the vast array of things to do in and around the capital. […]

The Best New Year’s Resolutions For LandlordsTHE BEST NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS FOR LANDLORDS (1)

Making new year’s resolution is a tradition many of us partake in. As a landlord or property manager, don’t forget to include your rental business in your new year’s resolution list. Set aside some time to create goals for 2018. Whether you are hoping to make more money off your rentals next year or you […]

The Ultimate Moving Guide For RentersThe Ultimate Moving Guide For Renters

While moving may leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, the process doesn’t have to be chaotic. If you keep yourself organized and prepare ahead, moving can be relatively effortless. The following is the ultimate guide to moving. From finding simple solutions for utility setup to streamlining the packing process, we have every tip you need […]

How To Recognize Fake Pay StubsBlog - How To Recognize Fake Pay Stubs

In a previous post, we talked about how to avoid renting to a scammer. With the rise of technology, the ability to commit fraud has become easier. Today we are going to dive into a more specific question many landlords have when it comes to fraud. How do I recognize a fake pay stub? This […]