The Best College Towns for Renters and Landlords: TurboTenant’s Top Five College Towns for Affordability and Fun

We know how often you hear and see “the best” college or college town and, let’s be honest, we all like to check to see if our future school, current school or alma mater is on the list! According to MarketWatch, which considers a variety of factors in its ranks and scorings, millennials across the […]

The Best Rent Payment OptionsRent Payment Options

As a landlord, perhaps one of the most important recurring tasks you will have is collecting rent. From physically picking up a check from a tenant to implementing the variety of payment technology available, there are numerous methods you can use for collecting rent. Each method has its own pros and cons and, ultimately, it […]

Tax Preparation Tips for Landlords During Tax SeasonBlog - Top Tax Tips For Landlords TurboTenant

It might be easy to manage your rental property with TurboTenant, but many landlords still find managing their taxes is a major challenge!  Not to worry, we’ve got you covered, and have compiled a list of important rental property tax topics for landlords to consider to help you prepare to file your taxes this season. […]

How To Update Your Rental Property’s Wireless ConnectivityWireless router connecting smartphone at desk

Wireless signal in an apartment complex or rental home has never been more critical. In today’s high-tech world, tenants need to be able to connect through their smartphones, mobile devices, hotspots, and computers. Even if you provide physical cable and wired internet, tenants will still want to send and receive wireless signals both between rooms […]

Management for Independent Property OwnersCouple meeting with property owner, focus on rental agreement and keys

Management for Independent Property Owners Independent property-owning and renting out the second property you own to tenants is a great way to make a secondary income. Whether you need to cover some additional expenses you have or are looking to save for something special like a vacation or retirement, renting out a secondary property can […]

What’s Different About Short-Term Versus Long-Term Rental Management?Young happy couple is given a key

When you think of offering your rental, you typically think of a year-long lease arrangement: bringing in one set of renters who are committed to living in your house, apartment, or condo for at least a year, and hopefully signing a new lease at the end of that year so you don’t have to worry […]

Home Staging Tricks to Attract Tenants in the Winterwinter wreath on front door of home

Finding a new tenant is a challenge for any landlord. First, you need to attract interested tenants to apply. Then you must screen them and choose the best one for your space. But finding a new tenant in the winter?  This adds a whole new layer of challenge because there are so few people looking […]

Streamlining and Enhancing Your Rental Property Managementcouple talking to landlord

As a landlord or property manager, you have your hands full. Between ongoing property maintenance, marketing, screening, and relationship management with your current tenants, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed with property management. Many property managers have found that consolidating their marketing, screening, and CRM needs into one online platform has greatly increased their […]

6 Landlord Tips: Communication With Your Rentersemail screen on laptop computer sitting on desk

The Consumer Federation of America released a comprehensive report last year that indicated landlord/tenant complaints were among the top five complaints received by consumers over the last year (interestingly, in their list of top 10 complaints, “communication” ranked number seven). Those complaints included: Unhealthy or unsafe conditions Failure to make repairs or provide promised amenities Deposit and […]

How to Scale Your Rental Business With Online Property Management Softwarecouple paying rent

Property management can be daunting, overwhelming, and time-consuming. You have to receive and approve rental applications, screen tenants, sign leases, and find tenants among other routine tasks. Performing all these tasks manually can be exhausting and consume most of your time. Forward-looking property managers and owners are turning to online property management software to help […]