Natural Disasters, Landlord Edition: How To Prepare Your Property And Tenants

There are many possible problematic situations when it comes to being a landlord, a fact that deters many people from investing in property. Natural disasters are unfortunately becoming more and more frequent, and being prepared and educated for a variety of natural hazards is a must for landlords. Recent tragedies from Mother Nature include the […]

Renters Insurance: The Benefits For Landlords

While it is apparent how renters will benefit from renters insurance, it can be less obvious why it is beneficial to the landlord. The reality is landlords will also be provided with added security when their tenants purchase renters insurance. In fact, the benefits are so great many landlords are now requiring renters insurance (note: […]

The Benefits Of Renters Insurance For RentersRenters Insurance Blog

Most of us know we should purchase insurance to cover valuable items. From car insurance to health insurance, these policies help keep us protected. One insurance that is often overlooked, though, is renters insurance. Renters insurance is an extremely valuable tool for those who rent apartments, condos, and homes. This unique branch of insurance offers […]

Success Is Found In Your Data: How to Implement And Measure Your Marketing Strategies

While it might seem obvious that tracking results and gathering analytics from your marketing strategies will be helpful in the long run, many businesses can be stuck on where to start, or they haven’t adapted their strategies as online tools have progressed. At TurboTenant, we have tracked our data using platforms such as Hubspot from […]

Great Tenant, Bad Credit: What Are A Landlord’s Options?

When it comes to tenant screening, credit reports can be one of the most important things to consider as you want a responsible tenant who will pay their rent on time. On paper, your tenant looks great: they have an excellent rental history and sparkling recommendations. Unfortunately, they disclose to you upfront (or admit when […]

Breaking Down The Highest And Lowest Rent Costs In The U.S.

One of the most common questions people have when they want to start property investing is, of course, where the best location to do so is. With the proper research and a little patience, a smartly advertised rental property should be an excellent long-term investment. Even though the same general principles apply around the United […]

The Best College Towns for Renters and Landlords: TurboTenant’s Top Five College Towns for Affordability and Fun

We know how often you hear and see “the best” college or college town and, let’s be honest, we all like to check to see if our future school, current school or alma mater is on the list! According to MarketWatch, which considers a variety of factors in its ranks and scorings, millennials across the […]

The Best Rent Payment OptionsRent Payment Options

As a landlord, perhaps one of the most important recurring tasks you will have is collecting rent. From physically picking up a check from a tenant to implementing the variety of payment technology available, there are numerous methods you can use for collecting rent. Each method has its own pros and cons and, ultimately, it […]

Tax Preparation Tips for Landlords During Tax SeasonBlog - Top Tax Tips For Landlords TurboTenant

It might be easy to manage your rental property with TurboTenant, but many landlords still find managing their taxes is a major challenge!  Not to worry, we’ve got you covered, and have compiled a list of important rental property tax topics for landlords to consider to help you prepare to file your taxes this season. […]

How To Update Your Rental Property’s Wireless ConnectivityWireless router connecting smartphone at desk

Wireless signal in an apartment complex or rental home has never been more critical. In today’s high-tech world, tenants need to be able to connect through their smartphones, mobile devices, hotspots, and computers. Even if you provide physical cable and wired internet, tenants will still want to send and receive wireless signals both between rooms […]