The Essential Sites to Post Rental Property Onlinerental property listings online

With so many options, it can be a little maddening figuring out which site is right for you to advertise your rental property on. From platforms that offer speed and enormous traffic to others that are more about convenience, landlords have never had more resources to locate tenants and monitor the process through to the finish […]

8 Things To Screen For When Going Over Rental Applicationsperson filling out rental application

When a landlord is looking over a rental application, there are several key aspects of the application that the landlord will want to look when seeking low-risk tenants. Landlords will want to consider these aspects when reviewing each rental application as this helps them ensure that they are not taking on unnecessary risks when renting out their […]

How to Write an Attractive Description for Your Online Rentallooking at apartments for rent on tablet

Listing your rental property online is a great way to attract attention to that property and ensure that it is highly visible to interested parties. Writing a description of your property, however, can be a difficult process. How do renters make decisions about the properties they want to apply to rent? How can you offer […]

Why Potential Tenants Love Online Rental Applicationscouple looking for apartment for rent on laptop

Online rental applications: your tenants love them! If you’re feeling daunted by the difficulty of setting up online rental applications, keep in mind that it can be well worth the effort. Setting up online applications don’t just ultimately simplify things for you. It also makes things easier for your tenants. Many of the paper-filled processes of yesterday […]

Finding New Tenants When the Market is Slimfor rent sign in front of house

After being a landlord for a few years, most people get a feel for how to find new tenants. Every neighborhood is a little different, but there are many different avenues to get the word out about a vacancy. However, sometimes finding a new tenant isn’t as easy or fast as you’d prefer. The competition […]

7 Things to Ask on a Rental Applicationperson filling out rental application form

The purpose of a rental application is to identify the best candidates for the property. The rental application gives you the opportunity to pull out vital information about the applicants to show you who is the most qualified candidate. Unfortunately, some landlords haven’t quite honed in on what information is most important in deciding who […]

Potential Tenants? Factors To Screen And Find Great Renterscredit score report sitting on table with calculator

When a landlord is reviewing applications for potential tenants, there are several key factors one should consider. First, the landlord needs to make sure that the prospective renter is a good fit for the property, someone who is a low risk, and has a history of paying rent in full and on time. Second, it […]

TurboTenant January 2019 Updates

Look out 2019! Here we come! To start 2019 off with a bang, we just released new functionality that will make your rental process that much easier! You’re on your way to finding an even better tenant this year. Dashboard The new Dashboard is your control center for managing many different aspects of your TurboTenant account – see leads, […]

Good-bye 2018! Hello 2019!

At TurboTenant, we always keep our eyes focused on our mission of taking the hassle out of landlording. It’s what drives us. It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us working late into the evening. We’ve got big plans for 2019, but we’d like to take a moment to reflect on 2018, […]

TurboTenant Updates 2018

TurboTenant released over 27 updates over the course of 2018, including the ability to screen a renter without having them apply, lead management, and past landlord references. Our goal is always to make the rental process refreshingly easy for landlords. That has always included rental marketing, online rental applications, tenant screening, and property management. The […]