4 Halloween Safety Tips for Rentals

We’ve got a real treat for you this Halloween! Prevent unwanted tricks at your rental with these safety tips.

1. Light it up

It’s tempting to commit to the holiday spirit with spooky mood lighting and decorations. Your tenants may also want to keep the porch light off if they’re not planning on greeting trick-or-treaters. Whichever route your tenants plan on taking, be sure to prevent potential mischief and mayhem by strategically lighting pathways and points of entry.

2. Lock windows and doors

Mischief Night and Halloween are prime times for pranks and practical jokes. Protect your rental from intrusion by keeping all doors, windows, and gates locked. Landlords, this would be a great time to check that current locks are functioning properly in your unit. Don’t forget to check out our other safety tips.

3. Keep paths clear

Be sure that sidewalks and porches are accessible and clear of debris. A few well-placed spider webs and jack-o-lanterns are fine, but an obstacle course of yard waste or faux tombstones could lead to injuries. You can use the lighting tip to illuminate the pathways that you want visitors to take.

4. Keep Fluffy and Fido confined

Pets will appreciate having a safe place to hang out while goblins and ghouls are roaming the streets. Animals can be unpredictable when faced with perceived dangers, so prevent any conflicts by keeping them separated from trick-or-treaters. Again, it’s a big night for pranks, so keep your furry friends out of harm’s way by bringing them inside for the night.

Happy Halloween!

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