Common Lease Terms Q & A: Clauses, Provisions, Addendums, and Rulescomputer work

A lease agreement is the most important document between a landlord and a tenant. We’ve discussed What is on a Standard Lease Agreement and want to take that a step further and dive into common lease terms, specifically around clauses, provisions, addendums, and rules. These things are the meat and bones of a lease. We […]

Tenant Abandonment Guide for Landlords

Rental turnover comes with the job of being a landlord, however, tenant abandonment is a rarer situation that landlords might have to deal with. Especially in the midst of a changing and socially distant world, people are moving out of cities or choosing to move back home which means tenant abandonment could be more likely. […]

What Happens When a Tenant Dies in a Rental Property?

What happens when a tenant dies in a rental property? There are essential steps a landlord must follow to be protected both legally and financially. While laws may vary from state to state, and you should always check your local and state laws in the unfortunate event that you are presented with a tenant death, […]

New Data: Rent Payments During the Pandemic

Key Takeaways:  65% of landlords received full rent payments in April  61% of landlords received full rent payments in May 63% of landlords received full rent payments in June In April, May, and June landlords with one to four units were hit the hardest, with 25%, 24%, and 22% reporting receiving no rent for each […]

Notice to Vacate: Everything Landlords Need to Know

Renter turnover is something that comes with the job of being a landlord. Sometimes, it’s time for renters to move on whether they are moving states or buying a house, and other times landlords are ready for a new tenant who is better suited to the property. When it comes to the term “notice to […]

What a Landlord Cannot Do: How to Always Follow the Law as a Landlord

For the most part, being a landlord can be a seamless and easy job if you have great tenants and stay educated – however, it’s important to know what a landlord cannot do. Especially for new landlords, sometimes there are things you aren’t aware of or you might not be familiar with and you must […]

Cash for Keys: What Landlords Need to Know

Cash for keys is a lesser talked about topic when it comes to running a rental business and is also unknown to many renters. It can be a tricky subject and landlords must be careful to follow local and federal laws when offering a cash for keys agreement. While the concept might be unfamiliar to […]

What is a Self-Help Eviction and Is It Legal?A beautiful home available for rent

There is nothing more frustrating than having a tenant who can’t pay rent, who causes damages to your property, or who has cut off all lines of communication. The viability of your property investment relies on finding and keeping great tenants. While tenant screening and a solid rental application process should be your first step […]

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure + Form: How to Properly Handle as a Landlordperson scraping lead based paint off a wall

Since the introduction of the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Act (Title X), in 1992, there are very specific federal laws landlords must follow when it comes to lead-based paint disclosure. A partnership between the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created safety guidelines for homes built before 1978 […]

The Pet Deposit: What Landlords Should Knowwoman laying on bed with dog

One of the most difficult decisions new landlords face is deciding whether or not to allow pets in their rentals. Though a pet deposit can help ensure the unit stays in good condition, some landlords would rather not deal with the hassle. To help you decide what’s best for your situation, below we’ve outlined the […]

How Long Does a Landlord Have to Fix Something?woman sitting at a laptop looking frustrated

Waiting on your landlord to make repairs can be a frustrating situation, and you may feel powerless to do anything about it. For this reason, it’s important to understand the expected repair timelines that landlords should be following, what tenants can do if landlords fail to make repairs, and the different responsibilities of each party. […]

California Tenant Protection Act of 2019

The California Tenant Protection Act of 2019 went into effect on January 1st, 2020, with some of the changes implementing over the next several months. The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 will extend a rent cap and eviction control to the entire state of California, specifically where rent and eviction control laws do not already exist. […]