When Does a Guest Become a Tenant?couple looking at each other arguing in a house

Tenants will have people coming and going from their place at many different times throughout their lease. However, determining whether a new face on your property is a short-term guest or one who is overstaying their welcome can be a tricky situation. Tenants are absolutely allowed to have guests, whether it’s friends from home visiting, […]

Emotional Support Animal Laws for Rentals: What You Need to Know_Emotional-Support-Animal-Laws

Understanding emotional support animal laws when renting can be tricky. Do they qualify as pets or service animals? The answer is somewhere in between. Emotional support animals are qualified for certain legal protections, but not as many as service animals.  Dealing with these situations can be stressful for both tenants and landlords, so it’s important […]

What is the Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment?quiet_enjoyment_couple

In most residential leases, there is a section outlining the covenant of quiet enjoyment. Many potential tenants tend to skip over this section when reading through the lease agreement, but the right to quiet enjoyment actually contains critical stipulations for both landlords and tenants alike. So what exactly is the covenant of quiet enjoyment and […]

When A Tenant Wants To Break A Lease: What Landlords Can Dobreaking a lease

A few months after a new tenant has signed on the dotted line agreeing to pay the rent in a timely manner for the next 12 months, they unexpectedly want to move out. No matter why this may be, every tenant who does this strongly believes that they have a good reason to break a […]