Included Lessons, Topics, and Interactive Assessments

Fair Housing Law and Enforcement

Who does fair housing cover and how is it enforced?


Learn about the #1 source of fair housing complaints.

Assistance Animals

Service animals, ESAs, companion animals… What’s covered by the law?

Source of Income

Everything you should know about Section 8 tenants.

Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Details and takeaways from a prominent 2015 sexual harassment case — and more.

Familial Status

What are the laws around steering and occupancy limits?

Race, Color, Religion, National Origin

Fair housing laws around discrimination based on these factors.

Discriminatory Screening

Understand how to implement a fair housing-compliant screening process.

Military Status Protections

How are members of our military protected by fair housing during deployment?

Victims of Domestic Violence

Who is covered by fair housing and can vacate early?

Exceptions and Exemptions

Learn about the “gray areas” of fair housing.

Discriminatory Advertising

How to follow fair housing regulations when listing your rental.