Explaining The Rental Application Process

Savvy landlords know that implementing a free online rental application can save them from major hassles down the road. Previously we have discussed the reasons why you need a rental application, and specifically why you need to implement an online rental application. Most renters are accustomed to filling out rental applications and going through the process of a background and credit check. If, however, you encounter a potential tenant who seems hesitant about filling out a rental application, here are some tips for handling the situation.

Remember, as a landlord, it is imperative that you handle your tenant-landlord relationship professionally and that you stick to things you say, which leads us to our first point.

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Stand Your Ground

The first rule of thumb when explaining why you require a rental application to prospective tenants is to hold your ground. Make sure you are prepared to stand firm in your decision to have tenants apply formally and to screen tenants.

Be ready to listen to someone explain why they don’t need to apply formally and why the screening process isn’t important for them. Don’t allow the conversation to become too personal, retain a professional tone. If a potential tenant is trying to make excuses for not filling out an application, it is probably a good indicator that you will run into issues with them down the road.

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Pick A Secure, Easy-To-Use Platform

If a potential tenant is unwilling to apply to your property, ask yourself: is it because you have made the process too difficult? Is it because they are worried about security? These are valid concerns and should be addressed. The best way to prevent an applicant from ever taking issue with applying is to pick a platform that is simple to use and 100 percent secure.

This is where offering an online rental application is your best bet. People are accustomed to filling out paperwork online, and if you pick a reputable company with a bank level of security, you can reassure any potential applicant that they can apply with peace of mind. Choosing an online rental application that is mobile friendly will also create a smoother process for both you and the potential tenant.

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Explain The Application Process

If a potential renter is uncertain about the rental application process, it could be due to a lack of understanding. Take the time to let them know why you are asking for a formal application and what steps will come next. For example, let them know that after they fill out the initial application if they qualify for the property you will ask them for a background check and credit check. When you use an online rental application that integrates with tenant screening, you can also reassure them that the process will be simple and secure.

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Be Willing To Let Someone Go

Lastly, if you run into an applicant who flat out refuses to go through the proper screening process, be willing to let them go. Although you may be hoping to fill your vacancy quickly, settling for lowered standards will end up costing you time and money in the long run. It is a normal procedure to screen tenants, and anyone who is putting up too much of a fight likely has information to hide.

You want your landlord-tenant relationship to be a smooth one, with as clear of communication as possible. By remaining professional and sticking to your standards, you will set yourself up for a professional and rewarding relationship with the right tenant.

Don’t be discouraged. If you run into a potential applicant who refuses to work with you, shift your focus to marketing your property in more locations. The key to tenant screening is to have a vast pool of applicants to work with. When you improve the visibility of your property online, you will increase the number of people interested in the property. For most tech-savvy renters, finding your property with a quick way to apply through an online rental application will be a no-brainer. Shifting your focus to improving the marketing of your property can save you from ever needing to deal with difficult applicants.

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