How to Pay Rent with Cash: A Guide for Tenants

While online payments and checks are popular for paying rent, some tenants still prefer the convenience of cash. This blog will guide you through everything you need to know about paying rent with cash, from understanding the pros and cons to ensuring a secure and documented transaction. Whether you’re new to renting and wondering, “Can […]

Buildium vs. RentRedi: A Comprehensive Comparison

You’re in the right place if you’re torn between Buildium vs. RentRedi as your next property management software solution. We’ve conducted a detailed analysis of both platforms and will guide you as you weigh your options in this top-to-bottom comparison. To cover all the bases, we’ll take a deep dive into the following: User interface […]

Zillow Rental Manager Review: Features, Cost & an Alternative

Zillow has been around since 2006 and is primarily known as one of the most popular real estate listing websites in the United States. But over the years, Zillow has added to its offerings, including mortgage referrals, the option to connect directly with a Realtor in your area, and the ability to manage properties with […]

Squatters Rights in Illinois & Adverse Possession Laws (2024)

If Illinois landlords aren’t careful, they might find squatters hunkering down inside their unoccupied or abandoned properties. Not to mention, squatters can be incredibly challenging to remove. They might even try to meet legal requirements to claim a landlord’s property through a complex process called adverse possession. To protect themselves, Illinois property owners should brush up on landlord-tenant laws, […]

Oregon Rent Control Laws: Landlord/Tenant Guide (2024)

Landlords and tenants alike can benefit from knowing their local rent control laws. But as rent control varies widely from state to state and even from city to city across the U.S., it’s crucial to know all applicable rules to ensure everyone is on the right side of the law. To help, TurboTenant put together […]

Breaking a Lease in Colorado: 2024 Landlord/Tenant Guide

Deciding whether or not to break a lease can be nerve-wracking for tenants and landlords in Colorado. No matter your role, breaching your legally binding contract can have severe financial and legal consequences. We’re glad you’re here to educate yourself while considering such an impactful decision. To get you up to speed, we’ve thoroughly reviewed Colorado […]

Squatters Rights in Arizona & Adverse Possession Laws (2024)

Squatters in Arizona who inhabit unoccupied property without permission can make it incredibly challenging for landlords to remove them once they’ve settled in and made themselves comfortable. Even more anxiety-inducing, if a squatter stays on a property long enough and meets specific requirements, they might eventually be able to claim it as their own through a legal […]

AppFolio vs. DoorLoop: A Comparison for Landlords

If you’re a landlord searching for property management software to streamline your operation, you’ve likely heard of AppFolio and DoorLoop. Both companies have made a name for themselves among property managers, and choosing between the two is a tough decision. We’re here to steer you in the right direction. To help you out, we’ll compare and contrast […]

Georgia Squatters Rights & Adverse Possession Laws (2024)

If you own a property in Georgia, you need to understand Georgia squatters rights. Squatting can happen to anyone, and understanding what to do in this situation will alleviate the frustration of not knowing where to turn. Let’s get into the specifics of Georgia squatters laws and what can be done if you find yourself […]

Ownerly vs. Zillow: A Comprehensive Comparisonmagnifying glass over house as a metaphor for zillow vs ownerly

Numerous resources are available to tenants, landlords, and property seekers nowadays, making it easy to get lost in the options. In this article, we will compare two widely used platforms, Ownerly vs. Zillow, to help you know what to expect before committing to either. Keep reading for our in-depth comparison. Get More Eyes on Your […]

Is Property Management Difficult? A Comprehensive Look

As more people look to rent their homes and build passive income streams, property management is becoming a popular career path. But, is property management difficult? Whether you’re considering renting out your property or working for a property management company, it’s important to understand the essentials of the job. To help you understand the basics […]

Avail vs. RentRedi: A Comprehensive Comparison for Landlordsshopper looking at two apples signifying comparison of rentredi and avail

Managing rental properties can be daunting and exhausting for landlords, making finding the right property management software a crucial part of being an effective and successful property manager. And these days, there are so many software options available that finding the perfect fit for you can be a time-consuming challenge. To simplify your search, we’ll review two […]