Getting Started in Student HousingGetting Started in Student Housing webinar cover image

With average college enrollment rates holding steady, savvy investors should set their sights on student housing.

Security Deposits in 2024Security Deposits in 2024 cover image

Understanding security deposit law is critical to long-term property management success. TurboTenant’s comprehensive webinar offers everything you need to know.

Property Tax Appeals | Be A Better Landlord

In this Be A Better Landlord episode, we’re tackling property tax appeals. A successful appeal lowers the assessed value of the property, resulting in reduced property tax payments. This can be a significant cost saving, especially for those with multiple rental units. Landlords should be aware of filing deadlines and procedures specific to their county and may want to consider consulting a professional to navigate the appeal process and strengthen their case with evidence like appraisals or comparable property sales data.

Marijuana and Your RentalMarijuana and Your Rental webinar

As marijuana grows more popular in the United States, it’s high time to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding this Schedule I substance.

Ultimate Real Estate Investment Tips with Erin Spradlin

In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, real estate agent, and consultant Erin Spradlin sits down with Krista to share the ultimate tips for real estate investors, from how to decide which property is best for you to settle the debate on cap rate vs. cash flow.

NAR Settlement: What Landlords Need to Know

The recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement has caused a stir in the real estate world, and while it primarily impacts home sellers, there could be some indirect effects on rental property owners.

Landlord’s Guide to Marijuana in Rentals

This episode tackles the complexities of marijuana in rentals. We break down recreational vs. medical use, navigate federal vs. state laws, and explore potential property damage and legal issues. Learn how to craft clear lease agreements, handle accommodation requests, and address marijuana cultivation concerns. Find the balance between tenant needs and property protection in our evolving legal landscape.