Rent Comps for Mitchell, South Dakota

Mitchell, South Dakota, best known for its famous attractions such as museums, wildlife exhibits, a historic Indian village, and the Corn Palace, is a hidden gem for tourists!

As for the rent, you’ll find very reasonable prices for your next apartment search if you are in the area.

To give you an idea of what rents are in a certain section of Mitchell, we entered the address of a specific area: East Havens Avenue. Twenty-five 2-bedroom apartment rentals (listed within the last 12 months), within 1.87 miles of were analyzed.

rental comparison report for Mitchell South Dakota

For this area, the apartment with the lowest rent is a small 2-bedroom Duplex on Bridle Drive for $575/Mo. The highest rent is a 2-bedroom unit in a Townhouse building on E. Spruce Street & St. Capital Street for $930/Mo.

rent comparison chart for Mitchell

For more information on rent comps in Mitchell, South Dakota, click here for our report.

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