The Best Landlord Tools For Real Estate Agents

Calling all real estate agents! Are you managing a rental property for a client or yourself? The rental process may seem daunting, but the right tools can make things easier. Here at TurboTenant, we are passionate about empowering our users to be able to manage their properties quicker, easier, and smarter.

If you are new to managing properties, or you just want to find better systems than the ones you have in place, you have landed on the right page. Our team of experienced landlords has put together a list of landlord tools for every step of the rental process. From start to finish, the TurboTeam is here to help make managing properties simple. Check out the best landlord tools for real estate agents below.

Getting Started

When you first start out with property management, you will need to brush up on some of the most important aspects of the laws and regulations surrounding landlording. Keep in mind that not only are there federal regulations, there are also regulations unique to each state and, in many cases, each city. Spend time researching and deepening your knowledge of specific regulations. – Information on taxes deductions, and the types of records you should be keeping

Federal Laws and State Laws – Regulations on a national and state-level for landlords and tenants

Fair Housing laws – Every person who is planning on renting out a property should be familiar with state and federal laws. Federal law prohibits housing discrimination based on your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability. Take the time to read up on the Fair Housing laws and ensure you are abiding by the regulations.

Marketing and Listings

for rent signWhen it comes to taking over landlord duties as a real estate agent, one of the biggest areas you will need to focus on is the advertising of the rental property. Handling marketing and showings can become extremely time-consuming if you don’t implement the right tools. The following are helpful landlord marketing tools for real estate agents.

Google Maps – Direct potential renters to your listing with ease using Google Maps. Many people already rely on the tool for navigation, so using it to map your listing will make showings a piece of cake.

Google Voice – Want to hide your personal phone number? One of the most common issues we’ve heard from landlords is that they don’t want their personal number to be on a public listing.

Rental Listing Websites

Here are some websites where you can post your property listing:

Time Saving Tip!

TurboTip Lightbulb symbolIf you want to streamline the process, you can use a free software like TurboTenant to easily send your vacancy listing automatically out to dozens of the top online rental marketing websites. This will save you from re-typing your property listing and managing listings across dozens of websites. TurboTenant allows you to log into one location to manage your listing. You can also easily turn marketing on and off, which means you can save the same listing for later use.

Rent Prices & Collection

online rent payment symbolFrom setting your rent price to managing rent payments, these tools will help make the process smoother. – A fantastic online tool that takes the guesswork out of setting a rental price. Check your rent by simply typing in the address, the number of bedrooms, and rent of your property. See how it stacks up against other rentals in your area.

UPS Store – If you still collect checks by mail, it’s a good idea to set up a business mailbox Business mailboxes aren’t PO Box address but have a real street address. You can even set up text notifications so you know exactly when you have mail.

Screening Applicants

tenant screening symbolOne of the most important parts of finding the right tenant for your property is going through a screening process. The more information you can glean during the screening process, the better chance you have of avoiding a disaster tenant. While there are no guarantees, running a credit report, a criminal background check and an eviction history report can help save you from renting to someone who does not meet your criteria. Remember, you have to abide by the Fair Housing laws when screening tenants and you n need to set up a criteria that you stick for all applicants.

TurboTenant -Screen tenants for free with our landlord software. Screening reports include credit, criminal, and evictions.

Social Media sites – You can find out a lot about a person from their social media account. Check out profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Tread lightly, though, and consider the Fair Housing and privacy issues involved.

Forms and Legal Documents

landlord forms and resourcesWhen you are first signing up a new tenant, the biggest time drain will be finding the right paperwork. You need to ensure you have all the right forms to meet legal requirements and to protect the investment. Check out the following tools for finding forms and legal documents. When in doubt, always consult with a local attorney who can help you ensure you are handling the documentation properly.

PDFescape – Upload and edit pdf files with this handy tool. It’s great for any digitized files that you’d like to add text to, like fillable forms.

Law Depot – Create state-specific forms in minutes with this online lease agreement and form builder from Law Depot.

Move-In Tools

Once you have found the right tenant for the property and they are ready to sign the lease, you need to make sure the move-in process goes smoothly. Don’t neglect important items like walk-throughs. By doing an inspection of the property with the new tenant at the time of move in and by documenting the condition through photos and other methods, you can ensure you know exactly what damages occur during the tenants stay. At move-out, you can document any changes in the condition of your property. Check out these handy tools, which help you easily document condition reports.

Happy Co (formerly Happy Inspector) – If you’re looking for a sophisticated suite for the property inspection and condition report process, then check out Happy Co. Best of all, you can create a digital condition report with a tablet or smartphone.

MoveIn.Space – This free condition report app allows renters and property managers to report on move-in conditions, as well as upload photos to the report for easy reference.

DISCLAIMER: TurboTenant, Inc. does not provide legal advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only. All users are advised to check all applicable local, state and federal laws and consult legal counsel should questions arise.

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