The Best Of Colorado’s Major Front Range Cities

It is a well-known fact for those residing along the Front Range of Colorado that rent prices seem to constantly be on the rise. For those who have invested in properties in the area, this is good news, but for those who are trying to rent on a budget, the increase in costs can be difficult to manage. We took a look at rent prices along the Front Range to find you the most affordable option out of these five popular Front Range destinations. Whether you are a Colorado native looking to relocate or you are out-of-state hoping to settle in a new place, consider the costs, as well as the benefits, of each of these popular destinations.

To help you weigh the pros and cons of each place, we have not only included the average rent prices for a two bedroom, but a little information about the city’s amenities, accessibility, and tips for renting in the area. Starting with the highest cost location and ending in TurboTenant’s winner of the Most Affordable Major Colorado Front Range City, each of these beautiful Colorado locations is worth consideration.

#5: Denver

Average Rent Prices For 2 Bedroom – $2,351

15% increase over the past 36 months
Walkability Score: 60 | Transit Score: 47 | Bike Score: 71 **

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The most populous municipality in the state of Colorado, the Mile High City continues to draw large numbers of new residents each year, both from in-state and out-of-state. Topping our list as the most expensive Front Range city for two bedroom rentals, Denver has seen a whopping 15 percent increase in rent prices over the past 36 months.

Although this destination city leads our list for rental pricing, Denver delivers no shortage of amenities to make up for the high cost of living. After all, the high desirability of the capital city is one of the reasons rent prices have continued to trend upward. So what is all the hype about? Those who reside in this metropolis could regale you with hundreds of reasons as to why Denver attracts so many new residents each year. With a high walkability score and a thriving, centralized downtown, Denver has a little of something for everyone. It is little wonder the city has been lauded as number two of The Best Places To Live by U.S. News in the entire nation!

Hit the Denver Beer Trail to explore the variety of microbrews this elevated city boasts. If the breweries alone are not enough, visit a few of the over 100 hundred brewpubs found in this beer obsessed city. Stroll through spectacular art museums or attend Denver Arts Week to find out why Denver is also perfect for art lovers. Looking to party with the locals? Check out one of the countless summer festivals this cultured city hosts.

TurboTips: Although rent prices may be increasing, Denver promises natural beauty, culture, diversity, and an unending supply of delicious craft beers and food for those who make the move. To cut down on living costs, consider renting outside of the central downtown area, where rent prices are highest. For those who opt to pay higher prices to live downtown, save money on your commute by taking advantage of the city’s high bikeability score.

#4: Boulder

Average Rent Prices For 2 Bedroom – $1,798

6% increase over the past 36 months
Walkability Score: 58 | Transit Score: 48 | Bike Score: 86

boulder flat iron

For those who are outdoor enthusiasts but still want to enjoy the culture of a big city, Boulder is an unbeatable Colorado town. Although rent prices are still on the rise, Boulder offers a more affordable living option than the capital city. With an extremely strong bikeability score, Boulder is well known for a cultural focus on healthy living.

If you plan on visiting Boulder, take advantage of the variety of free activities available year round. From touring the Celestial Seasoning Tea factory to hiking up the famed Flatirons, there is too much to see during one short visit. With a description of being “the city nestled between the mountains and reality,” Boulder’s unique charm and thriving community have resulted in a huge influx of new residents.

In true Colorado fashion, Boulder is home to 21 local breweries and a thriving beer-focused bar scene. If you want to sample an array of the local brews, wines, and spirits, check out the Boulder Beer Trail which includes breweries, wineries, and distilleries in the area.

TurboTips: If Boulder captures your heart, take note of the major rental price differences depending on how close you are to Pearl Street. If you are working within a tighter budget, look for rentals further away from downtown or the foothills and take advantage of the highest bikeability score on our list to get around town.

#3: Fort Collins

Average Rent Prices For 2 Bedroom – $1,434

8% increase over the past 36 months
Walkability Score: 36 | Transit Score: 33 | Bike Score: 80

As we make our way down the list, rent prices become more affordable while quality of living and city elevation remains high. Fort Collins, Colorado, is home to microbreweries, restaurants, summer festivals, and a small-town feel. Fort Collins is so convinced you’ll love their town, they have compiled a list of 31 things that will make you fall in love. Among the many pros on this list are breathtaking outdoor parks, Old Town, food truck rallies, outdoor concerts, and rides on the free trolley. If the Colorado brew scene is what draws you to these Front Range cities, Fort Collins will not disappoint. To get a taste of breweries from around the state, plan a trip during the Colorado Brewers’ Festival featuring 90+ Colorado beers.

With the second highest rent price percentage increase on our list, you might want to make your move to Fort Collins before even more people find out about this Northern Colorado gem.

Planning a visit to Fort Collins? Be sure to spend time strolling through the idyllic Old Town, which is the central focus of the city. With breweries, restaurants, and shops featuring local goods, Old Town is sure to charm. There are also a variety of tours available to help you see the town, each with a unique focus. From guided brewery tours to ghost tours to bike tours, you are sure to find an experience that engages your interests.

TurboTips: For those who fall in love with Fort Collins and never want to leave, housing is most expensive near Old Town and the foothills. Opt for a rental further east if you are working within a budget. This town has a high bikeability score, so take advantage of the wide bike lanes and expansive trails to get around town for cheap.

Bonus: Fort Collins is home to TurboTenant headquarters. We are proud to be part of such a thriving community.

#2: Longmont

Average Rent Prices For 2 Bedroom – $1,273

1% increase over the past 36 months
Walkability Score: 39 | Transit Score: N/A | Bike Score: N/A

Longmont Colorado downtown

By David Shankbone (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Longmont, a close neighbor to Boulder, boasts the lowest percentage in rent price increases over the past 36 months from cities that made our list. Although Longmont may not be as well-known as bigger Front Range towns, it is not to be underestimated. With beautiful parks, the nearby mountains, and an increasing number of festivals, Longmont offers a more affordable option for those looking to stay in the Northern Front Range.

For beer lovers, Longmont is sure to be a hit. Some of the best known Colorado beers are made in this city, home to Oskar Blues and Left Hand Brewing Company. New breweries continue to pop up across the town, with a focus on rotating seasonal taps and unique brews you can only sip in-house.

Want a truly unique experience? Check out the Warrior Playground, a full-scale American Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race training facility located in town. Outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled by the huge network of trails found in and around town. In fact, if you want to check out both Longmont and Boulder while enjoying the great outdoors and some of the best beers around, try out the Boulder Ale Trail which connects both towns. The trail is 15 miles in length, stops by 12 breweries, and makes for a peaceful stroll or mild bike ride.

TurboTips: For those looking to relocate to Longmont, you will enjoy the relatively low rent prices for the Front Range. Due to the better affordability, you can live near downtown without breaking the bank. The local bus system will allow you to connect to neighboring cities as well.

#1: Colorado Springs

Winner Of Most Affordable Major Colorado Front Range City

Average Rent Prices For 2 Bedroom – $1,031

4% increase over the past 36 months
Walkability Score: 35 | Transit Score: 18 | Bike Score: 46

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Photos courtesy of the wonderful city of Colorado Springs

With the world-renowned Pike’s Peak as the city’s backdrop, Colorado Springs ranks number one on our list for affordable rentals in a major Colorado Front Range city. Those who call this town home enjoy access to some of the most breathtaking outdoor recreation areas in the world. From the incredible peaks to the Garden of the Gods, there are hiking trails, gorgeous overlooks, rivers, and lakes that will dazzle any nature lover. If you are planning on visiting Colorado Springs and taking in the incredible natural beauty, be sure to brush up on your high altitude tips. Parts of Colorado Springs climb to 6,035 feet in elevation, and Pike’s Peak itself boasts an incredible 14,115 feet at its summit.

If you are looking for something to do, you won’t run out of options in this astounding city. Want to experience the wonder of Pike’s Peak? There are hiking options available and, during summer months, you can drive to the top of the peak. There is also a cog railway from Manitou Springs that will take you to the gift shop at the summit. If the Colorado sun ever stops shining (which is rare in this city of 200+ days of sun), you can spend some time touring the United States Air Force Academy, the Pro Bull Riders Hall of Fame or the United States Olympic Training Center.

Colorado Springs is home to a thriving economy, including an excellent job market. With average two-bedroom rental prices at less than half the cost of Denver prices, it is easy to see why this city is attracting more and more residents. Do you have a furry friend you love to spend your time with? You’ll be happy to know that Colorado Springs consistently ranks as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country.

Not to be left out of the Colorado beer scene, the Springs boasts over 20 craft breweries spanning the expansive city. For those who enjoy a caffeinated brew, the array of local coffee shops will be sure to please. Check out Peaks Place Coffee House or Loyal Coffee for some true craft coffee. Looking for a spookier experience? Check out the local scene of haunted places.

TurboTips: If you are considering a move to Colorado Springs, take note of the fact that the city is not as compact as others on our list. Opt for a rental in a location you plan to spend time in, as the town has lower walkability and bikeability scores. The good news is that, due to low rent prices, you can afford to enjoy the best of Colorado Springs, even on a tighter budget.

** These scores are based on data from

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