Choosing the Perfect Investment Property

Seamus Nally, the CEO of TurboTenant, recently added a new rental property to his portfolio. Krista chats with Seamus about everything that went into his decision to purchase this property in this weeks episode of Be A Better Landlord.

Security Deposits Uncovered

Used correctly, security deposits bring landlords peace of mind – but if handled poorly, you’ll face serious trouble. Join TurboTenant to learn how to protect your business by leveraging security deposits to their full potential. We discuss: common security deposit rules, how security deposit funds can be used, the documentation you need to avoid legal trouble, alternatives to security deposits and more!

The Most Impactful 2023 Legal Updates

Staying current with your local landlord-tenant laws is crucial – but keeping an eye on other states’ legislative changes is a game changer. Understanding what other localities are enforcing can inform your own business practices.

Home Warranties: Smart or Scam?

When major appliances or systems break down in your rental, you’re in for a major mess – unless you have a home warranty plan in place, some landlords say. But what is a home warranty plan, and how can it streamline the maintenance process? Is a home warranty worth it? The experts from Armadillo have the answers to these questions and more!

Property Taxes and Appeals 101

Property taxes can be a major expense – so it pays to know what they are and how they’re calculated. But did you know that you can appeal your property tax bill? The TurboTeam will teach you the fundamentals of property taxes and the appeal process with special guests from Ownwell, a professional property tax-appealing service.

10 Ways to Perfect Your Rental Property Taxes & Accounting

You can’t afford to put off learning how to better your rental property taxes and accounting systems! The TurboTeam partnered with Deltrease Hart-Anderson, a landlord and Enrolled Agent (EA), to help you avoid trouble with the IRS.

Hard Money Loans: How to Strategically Finance Your Rental Properties

Understanding hard money loans doesn’t have to be hard!
The expert team from Kiavi will discuss the basics of hard money loans and the benefits of using them before diving into the ins and outs of financing your rental property to maximize your monthly cash flow.

How to Finance Your Next Property Purchase: An OverviewHow to Finance Your Next Rental Property Purchase

Are you a landlord or property owner looking to invest in more rental property? In this webinar, Grayden Guilford joins us to teach you about different lending options to fit portfolios of every size.

Three Reliable Strategies for Finding Your Next Investment Property

Are you ready to grow your real estate portfolio? Join the TurboTenant team for this hour-long webinar, and we’ll outline three smart strategies for finding your next great investment property.

You Need Landlord Insurance

Every property owner knows the importance of insurance, but do you know the ins and outs of landlord insurance? Join us as we break down the purpose of landlord insurance, how it can help protect you as you grow your rental business, and why you need it.