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Our professionals have the industry knowledge and experience to deliver the best advice to both landlords and renters. Whether you’re juggling multiple properties as a landlord, or are searching for the perfect apartment as a renter, we have the resources, tips and tricks to make your life easier!

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Security Deposits in 2024 cover image

Security Deposits in 2024

Understanding security deposit law is critical to long-term property management success. TurboTenant’s comprehensive webinar offers everything you need to know.

The Rental With Dungeon Doors | Adventures in Landlording

Adventures in Landlording takes the internet’s most pressing property management questions and answers them in a lighthearted conversation between industry experts. Tune in for discussions on common landlord issues and how best to

Property Tax Appeals | Be A Better Landlord

In this Be A Better Landlord episode, we’re tackling property tax appeals. A successful appeal lowers the assessed value of the property, resulting in reduced property tax payments. This can be a significant

Marijuana and Your Rental webinar

Marijuana and Your Rental

As marijuana grows more popular in the United States, it’s high time to understand your rights and responsibilities regarding this Schedule I substance.