Manage Your Leads

On one screen, you can view critical info about each lead, know who you need to respond to, and easily invite them to apply – if they’re the right fit.

Keep Track of Everyone

With your leads automatically appearing in TurboTenant, easily track who expresses interest in your rental all-in-one place.

(1) Leads are Automatically Generated
If a renter shows interest in your property on one of the rental listing websites, they automatically appear as a lead in TurboTenant. The same goes for anyone you directly share you listing page with. Additionally, you can manually add any leads to make sure your records stay up-to-date.

(2) Track Who You Contacted
Simply mark a lead as contacted to know that you’ve followed up with them.

(3) Take Notes & Track Activity
In one place, record any notes about each lead, and see an activity log of how you have interacted with them.

(4) Invite Them to Apply with One Click
After deciding they might be a good fit, you can know for sure if they’ll make a good tenant by inviting them to apply to your property online.