10 Most Popular Posts of 2016

Another year is winding down, and it’s a time for reflection. We’ve looked back at the most popular blog articles for 2016 and compiled them into this list. Thanks for checking out our blog! Keep checking in for new articles.

1.  6 Tips for Landlords Renting Out Their Property for the First Time

6 tips for landlords renting out their property for the first time

We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to keep in mind when starting out with your first rental property. Our expert property manager gives his favorite tried-and-true tips from his experience managing over a hundred units.

2.  9 Common Mistakes Made by First-Time Landlords

9 common mistakes made by landlords

The previous article on this list showed you what to do, so this article shows you the flip side. Learn from the mistakes of others and save yourself some time.

3.  5 Things Landlords Want Tenants to Know

things that landlords want renters to know

Landlords and tenants…they aren’t that different. Open up the lines of communication and see some of the most common sentiments about the rental business.

4.  How to Accept or Reject Rental Applicants

approving and rejecting applicants blog cover photo

The best part of the rental process is finding the perfect tenant. Once you tell them the good news, you’ll also need to let the other applicants off politely. Get tips on how to set up the application process so that you can professionally communicate with prospective tenants.

5.  Common Tenant Screening Mistakes

common tenant screening mistakes blog cover photo

Some of these mistakes can be costly, and some are just irritating. Read them and learn from them so that you won’t have your own scary rental story to tell.

6.  The Art of the Tenant Welcome Package

the art of the tenant welcome package

This friendly and classy gesture can really start out the lease on the right foot. Go beyond house keys and emergency numbers by adding in a few inexpensive extras. Find out what goodies to include in your welcome package.

7.  3 Tips to Getting Your Tenants to Love You

tips to getting your tenants to love you blog cover photo

Remember all the work that went into finding that really great tenant? (If you used some nifty rental tools, then maybe the process was quick and painless.) Keep your renters happy and reduce your vacancies by showing them a little love.

8.  The Best Landlord Tools for Real Estate Agents

the best tools for real estate agents blog cover photo

For the real estate agents who are helping their clients manage their rental properties, we’ve got some tools to help make it easy.

9.  4 Things to Do When Your Tenant Moves Out

things to do during tenant turnover blog cover photo

Your tenants are about to move out and your unit will soon be vacant. Make the most out of the transitional period by taking care of a few key administrative tasks and preparing for new renters.

10.  3 Ways to Get Tenants to Pay Rent On Time

how to get your tenants to pay rent on time blog cover photo

Tired of late rent payments? Dealing with delayed rent is a hassle for both landlords and their tenants. We’ve got three ideas to help you make the process smoother. Find out how to reduce late rent payments.

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