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  • 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for Landlords

    Blog - 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks


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    The holidays are over and spring has sprung! This means landlords across the country will begin spring cleaning at their rental income properties. Most have a standard to-do list, but these five spring cleaning tasks from TurboTenant might not be things you’ve thought of before.

    1. Spring Forward & Prepare Your Rental Property for Emergencies

    Warmth is in the air which means we’re heading into one of the busiest and costliest seasons for landlords. With springtime usually comes tenants ending or signing new lease agreements, unpredictable weather and much more.

    On top of that, landlords need to answer maintenance requests as the thaw begins. Before things get really busy, take some time to look at the big picture: get your budget in place to handle maintenance costs that may arise, ensure you have enough help to address all maintenance appointments and support to assist you with the work that needs to be done.  Do as many little things as you can now so you’re not scrambling when something comes up later or surprised when you show your rental to a prospective new tenant.
    house in someone's hands representing landlords taking care of tenants

    2. Freshen Up & Improve Your Landlord-Tenant Relationship

    The cold of winter has a way of slowing communication between tenants and landlords and reducing productivity. That’s okay, we’re all a little bit guilty here! Springtime is an excellent time to renew your relationships and answer repair or maintenance requests that may have fallen through the cracks (pun intended) over the winter. Be sure to reach out to your tenants and find out if they need anything from you.

    3. Hit the Clearance Racks & Save On Rental Property Necessities

    Speaking of budgets, while you’re out and about preparing for your spring cleaning adventures, be sure to check out this year’s clearance racks for all of your rental property needs. The end of winter is a wonderful time to find amazing home improvement products on a dime – de-icer, AC filters, bulbs, and more for cheap! It never hurts to check.

    4. Prepare Your Rental Property for Your Summer To-dos

    Of course, this spring cleaning list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t mention at least some actual cleaning tasks like clearing out the gutters, testing the sprinkler system and removing broken tree limbs. Ahead of the game? Make sure you check out these Five Additional TurboTenant Tips to get your rental property or properties ready for summer.

    5. Make Sure Your Rental Property is Ready for Moving Season

    Spring and summer see the most moves in the rental market, hands down. If you have or will have vacancies to fill, save time and energy by using TurboTenant’s 100% free landlord software. We’ll help you fill your properties fast with automatic listing ads, online tenant screening, and soon we’ll improve your landlord processes even more by accepting rent payments from tenants online!

    Don’t let the busy season sneak up on you. TurboTenant’s landlord software can help take some of the big projects off your plate and enable you to hit the moving season running. Click here to learn more about how TurboTenant works.

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