A Guide For Our Returning Landlords

Here at TurboTenant, one of the benefits we built into our free landlord software is the ability for landlords to keep using it year after year. For example, did you know that once you create a property listing, you can save it, even after you turn marketing off? That means every time you have a vacancy, you can skip re-typing your property listing and simply turn your marketing back on with one click of a button. This is just one of the many benefits of using our free landlord software.

Today, we wanted to highlight some tips and tricks for those of you who have been with TurboTenant for a while. If you are a TurboTenant user, this guide will cover how to get the most out of our free landlord software with the least amount of your time and energy being spent.

Tip #1: Save Your Listings

When you create a property listing on your TurboTenant account, you can save this listing for as long as you would like. By saving your property listings, you can avoid re-typing your property descriptions each time the unit becomes vacant. When you fill the property with a new tenant, you simply toggle your marketing to “off”. (see screenshot below) This will stop the property from being listed across the web. Be sure you take down any Craigslist ads as well.

turn marketing back on with TurboTenant

Tip #2: Update Your Listing

If you created a property listing last year and it is ready to be marketed again, start by updating your property listing. If nothing has changed, you can skip this step, but it doesn’t hurt to read over the description to make sure everything remains true.

Some items to look for:

  • The rent price
  • The deposit amount
  • Your pet policy

It also doesn’t hurt to add some new, high-quality photos. Perhaps last year you didn’t have time to take any good photos during the rush of creating the listing. Now is a perfect time to update the listing with pictures. Not sure how to take good property photos? Brush up using our photo guide.

Tip #3: Turn Marketing Back On

Once you have dusted off your property listing, simply toggle your marketing back to on. This will push your property listing out across dozens of sites, just like it did last time.

Don’t forget to grab the pre-written Craigslist snippet we create for you and post it on that site as well. Need help posting to Craigslist? Check out this quick guide to posting to Craigslist here.

Tip #4: Check Out The New Products We Have Launched

a rocket launching representing new product launches at TurboTenant

If you haven’t logged into your TurboTenant account for a while, you might not know about some of the new features we have rolled out over the past year. We are excited to continually make our landlord software easier to use with the features you want most. Check out some of the following new features now available to you at no additional cost:

  • Customize Your Application: You asked for it and we created it! You can now customize questions on your rental application to tailor the process to your specific needs. Add your own questions and get the information you need from applicants.
  • Add A Custom Logo To Your Account: Did you know? You can now add your logo to your TurboTenant pages, rental property listings, and online rental applications. Add a touch of professionalism to your listings using this new feature. Need help figuring out how it works? Check out this helpful article here.
  • Renters Insurance: Let your tenants know they can now purchase renters insurance through TurboTenant powered by Sure.

Tip #5: Keep Letting Us Know What You Want

Here at TurboTenant, we are constantly working to improve our landlord software based on your needs and requests. If you have a feature you are interested in seeing added, reach out and let us know, or mention it in the comment section below.

On behalf of our team, thank-you for choosing TurboTenant and happy landlording!

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