The Most Common Questions From Tenants

As a landlord, you likely spend a lot of time focusing on the rental application process, screening tenants and knowing what questions you should ask applicants. However, you won’t be the only one with questions during the application process. Have you ever thought about what the most common questions from tenants are?

Check out the most common questions landlords get asked and start your landlord-tenant relationship off on the right foot.

Who do I contact in case of a maintenance emergency?

One thing most tenants will want to know is who they are supposed to contact if something happens in the middle of the night. Be prepared to provide them with an emergency number, whether it is your own or someone else you have handling overnight emergencies.

This is critical information to provide. Not only does it show your tenants you are invested in taking care of the property, it can save you from a nightmare. Imagine if you don’t give your tenants any way to contact you and a pipe bursts in the night. If they have to wait to contact you until morning, you could have a flooded house.

What kind of notice will you give me before visiting the property?

Now, before you see this question as some sort of indicator of suspicious activity, recognize that tenants want privacy just like you do. They may want to know what to expect out of their relationship with you.

Make sure you follow any local state or city regulations when it comes to popping in on tenants. Even if you live somewhere with lenient laws, be courteous. Provide your tenants with the same kind of notice you would want from someone popping in on your home.

Will I be responsible for the yard work?

lawnmower at a rental propertyDifferent landlords handle the maintenance of the yard in different ways. Your tenant may want a clear understanding of exactly what they are responsible for. Make sure you have already determined this before the time for lease-signing arrives.

If you do expect the tenant to take care of the yard, make sure it is clearly written in your lease and that you cover it during the move-in.

What is the neighborhood like?

A lot of tenants will ask about the neighborhood and see what kind of information you have about the neighbors. Depending on their needs, they may be looking for quiet, safety, or nearby amenities. If you own a lot of rental properties and you don’t know much about the neighborhood, try to do a little research. When you are answering questions about the neighborhood try to highlight the best features, such as “it’s within walking distance of a lot of restaurants and shops.”

Never lie about the neighborhood. For instance, if you know it isn’t the quietest area, don’t tell a potential tenant it is, just because you know it is what they want to hear. This can cause you a bigger headache down the road when they are upset and unhappy about the noise levels.

Can I pay you online?

55,929,811 renters are under the age of 30,
which means you will have a lot of tenants who are unaccustomed to writing checks.

Infographic demonstrating the age of the average renter - TurboTenant

In fact, some of our landlords here at TurboTenant have faced the dilemma of working with tenants who have no idea how to even write a check. Be ready to provide your tenants with methods other than checks to pay you.

A great method for receiving payments on time is using a free online rental payment system. This can help make the payment process easier for both you and the tenant. It also prevents the often heard, “the check must have gotten lost in the mail” excuse.

Landlord Software To Make Your Life Easier

Being a landlord is not always easy. Although investing in properties can bring you a great return, it isn’t without a unique set of challenges and a whole lot of work. Our goal at TurboTenant is to help make the landlording process simpler and more efficient, all at zero cost to landlords. We are landlords ourselves, and we understand how much time and money the application, screening, and rental payment process can wind up costing landlords. That is why we have crafted a unique and free landlord software that helps you from beginning to end. Advertise your rental property, gather applications, and screen tenants, all through an easy-to-use platform.

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