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Donna is a mother of four and an independent landlord-see how she does it all.

Donna is an independent landlord who juggles being a mother of four, a caretaker to her parents, and a manager of her property. Find out how TurboTenant has given her back valuable time.

Donna’s Dilemma

Years ago Donna and her husband purchased a beautiful home on lakefront property in Michigan. As their young family grew, they began to look for a new home that would accommodate vibrant family life. Not wanting to lose out on treasured time with the extended family at their lake house, they decided to form an LLC and utilize their lakefront home as a rental property for nine months of the year.

In the beginning, advertising was simple. Donna would place an ad in a good old-fashioned newspaper and found her tenants that way. As the times changed, Donna adapted to technology and began listing her property on Craigslist and relied on her instincts for tenant screening. 

Donna had always relied on her judge of character for screening tenants. However, one bad experience left her high and dry and missing months of income. When an unscreened tenant bailed on their stay early, Donna lost out on substantial revenue from her rental. This experience led Donna to realize she needed a better way to both advertise her property and to screen tenants. The solution she required had to be simple to use, fast, and low cost. Craigslist alone wasn’t cutting it anymore, and she simply didn’t have the time to deal with problem tenants. Donna hopped on her computer and searched the internet with questions like “best way to advertise a home for rent” and looked for a solution that would meet all her needs.


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Donna's Biggest Pain Points

Advertising Rental Properties

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Cost of Time

Tenant Screening

The TurboSolution:

Rental Marketing

During her hunt for an easy-to-use, all-inclusive solution, Donna stumbled upon TurboTenant. The website was simple to navigate, the information straightforward, and the price tag of FREE was unbeatable.

Donna added her property and toggled the marketing feature on. Before she knew it, interest was pouring into her email and phone. She had so many leads she hardly knew where to begin.

After showing her property to one of the first applicants interested, she directed the man to fill out an application through TurboTenant.

“I had so many leads, I couldn't keep up! TurboTenant is over the top easy to use.”


Rental Applications & Screening Reports

“I love that I can invite whom I want to apply. I don’t have to waste my time or anyone else’s.”

Once she invited him to apply online, she got a background check back from TurboTenant within 3 hours. Within 24 hours, she had signed up a great tenant.

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