Rent Comps in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn rents vary greatly from one neighborhood to another. If you take the average rent for an entire city, it doesn’t really help you get a sense for what rents might be in a particular area.

To give you an idea of what rents are in a certain section of Chicago, we the very popular Williamsburg neighborhood. This neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn is known for its art culture, unique nightlife, and live music. For this rent comp, we analyzed twenty-two 2-bedroom apartment rentals, listed within the last 12 months were analyzed.

Rentometer Brooklyn rental comparison report

We learned that a two-bedroom could be rented in this Brooklyn neighborhood for approximately $2,500 to $3,500 a month. The rent with the lowest price is $2,350 for a small 2-bedroom w/1 bath condo on 302 S 3rd St., while the highest comes in at $3,500 for a 2-bedroom apartment rental near 333 S 5Th Street.

rentometer Brooklyn rent comparison chart

Rent Prices in Brooklyn have been slowly decreasing for some time now with a median of $2,800. Over the last month, rent prices in Brooklyn decreased by 0.01% from $2,759.99 to #2,759.63 or by $0.36, and very small decrease!

Brooklyn Rent Comps

Whatever great neighborhood you’re considering in Brooklyn be sure to take the time to run a rent comp report so you can get a feel for the local rental market.

For more information on rent comps in Brooklyn Click Here for our report.

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