Top Three Dog-Friendly Cities For Renters

With an increasing number of Millennials turning to dog ownership over becoming parents, the demand for dog-friendly cities is on the rise. This week we took a look at the top three dog-friendly cities for renters across the U.S.

To make our list, we factored into the equation the number of off-leash dog parks each city had, the number of dog-friendly attractions available, and the cost of rent.

If you and your four-legged pal are looking for a new dog-welcoming city to explore, check out these top three dog-friendly cities for renters.

#3: Boise, Idaho

Boise Idaho

Average Rent

1 bed – $798
2 bed – $1,008
Off-Leash Dog Parks: 15

Nestled in the beautiful Northwest, Boise welcomes four-legged pals with open arms. Boasting fifteen off-leash dog parks, this capital city has a strong economy, affordable rent prices, and a variety of dog-friendly attractions throughout town.

At 2,840 feet above sea level, Boise makes a great destination for active dog owners. Take your four-legged pal on a hike down the 25-mile riverfront Greenbelt right in the heart of the city or venture out of the city limits to the Boise National Forest. With over 2,000,0000 acres of land to explore in the national forest, you and your fur baby will stay fit while enjoying the natural beauty of northern Idaho.

With the cooler climate in Boise, this city makes the perfect home for dog breeds that can handle a little wintry weather. Summers also remain mild, making Boise a good home for

After a long day of hitting the trails, pop into one of the many local breweries for a pint with your pup. Lost Grove Brewing focuses on creating outstanding beer with an emphasis on sustainable practices. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they are also dog-friendly and enthusiastically welcome furry pals. Also located in the downtown district is White Dog Brewing Company. With “dog” in their company’s name, it is no surprise that this group of brewers is welcoming to pups. While dogs cannot hang out inside the brewery, their large patio and garage door area offers the perfect place for you and your pupper to enjoy on a warm Boise day.

#2: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque new mexico

Average Rent

1 bed – $635
2 bed – $994
Off-Leash Dog Parks: 13

Next on our list is the historic Southwestern city of Albuquerque. With thirteen off-leash dog parks, Albuquerque is a wonderful place for you to enjoy the desert lifestyle with your four-legged pal. New Mexico, known as the land of enchantment, offers a rich culture influenced by a diverse heritage.f From delectable food to incredible festivals, Albuquerque will thrill you and your dog alike.

Hit the Paseo del Bosque Trail with your four-legged friend and enjoy the 16 miles of multi-use trails, completely uninterrupted by roadways. Not only does this path allow for a wonderful hike with your furry companion, it also affords you the chance to experience the beauty of the Rio Grande as you journey alongside its banks.

After spending some fun under the Southwestern sun, you will find Albuquerque affords an array of dining and drinking options that both you and your pup can enjoy. For beer enthusiasts, the dog-friendly patio at Marble Brewing is a must. Order a taster tray, or two, to be sure you don’t miss out on a single one of their delightful beers. If you need to grab a bite to eat, check out the Gecko’s Bar & Tapas patio. Not only is their patio welcoming to dogs, they also promise a special treat and ice water for your furry friend. To celebrate your fur baby’s special occasions, head over to the 3 Dog Bakery where your dog can pick out enticing cookies, cakes, and dog-friendly treats.

From May to October, you can also take your dog along for your weekly shopping at the Rail Yards Market. This community market takes place in the old rail yards and vendors sell everything from local produce to fine foods to artisan goods. Live musicians and other events make this much more than your average farmers market. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on leash and well behaved. With average one-bedroom rental prices under $700, you and your four-legged pal will find Albuquerque easy on the wallet.

#1: Tucson, Arizona

Hotel Congress Pagio - Tuscon Airzona

Average Rent

1 bed – $664
2 bed – $936
Off-Leash Dog Parks: 8

If you and your dog prefer warm days over snow days, Tucson provides an affordable option. With eight off-leash dog parks, Tucson has an array of activities for you and your four-legged pal to enjoy. You can start off by exploring the beautiful deserts. Hike along trails with stunning saguaros in Catalina State Park. It is only $7 for admittance and not only will they welcome Fido on the trails, they will provide you with a treat for your four-legged pal.

When the Tucson sun has you craving something cold, you and Fido can head over to the Stray Dogs Grill. Not only does this restaurant serve up some of the most enticing, colorful, and unique milkshakes, they allow your dog to hang out with you on the patio. If your pooch feels like playing with his friends, they even have a designated play area to accommodate. If you are looking to visit a craft-beer and wine bar with a beautiful Urban Beer Garden, head to Tucson Hop Shop where your dog will be welcomed.

For a truly unique Tuscon experience, head over to Sky Bar, known as a solar-powered cafe by day and an astronomy bar at night. This truly stunning cafe/bar welcomes your fur baby both outside on the patio as well as inside. Here you can partake in one of their unique cocktails while viewing the night sky through telescopes on their patio.

With average one bedroom rent prices in the $600 range, you can find the perfect pad for you and your fur baby. Take advantage of the low cost of living paired with a high-quality of life for you and your dog in Tuscon, Arizona.


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