Top Gifted Student Summer College Programs

For parents, almost nothing makes you feel prouder than watching your high school student excel academically. For some students, their outstanding intelligence lands them into the gifted student’s category and opens up the doors to a world of new opportunities. Recently, the Best College Reviews released a list of the 20 best college summer programs for gifted students. Each of these prestigious schools offers a summer program at least two weeks in length, catered towards gifted individuals. If you’re a parent, living near one of these schools could mean an added boost for your student’s future. Not to mention, your gifted student might wind up choosing to stick around town for their undergraduate degree.

We took a look at the cities where these colleges are located and found the top four towns with college summer programs for gifted students. By looking at the affordability of four bedroom rental homes, the amenities of each city, and the crime rates, we found these top-tier cities. Read on to number one to find out who won first place for the top US city with a summer college program for gifted students.

#4: Providence, RI – Brown University

Average Price For 4 Bedroom Rental- $1,994
Livability Score: 57 with high grades for amenities

With a population of approximately 170,000, Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island, is a thriving community focused on retaining their small town charm while offering the amenities of a large city. For families interested in access to an array of family-friendly activities, Providence delivers. With moderate prices for four-bedroom rentals, this city will allow students to explore cultural diversity, the arts, sporting events, and an array of educational museums year round. The city has a rich and long history, with well-preserved historic architecture dotting the city. Self-guided historic walking tours will provide you and your family with the chance to explore the rich past of Providence.

If you are planning on visiting Providence to check out the city, consider scheduling your trip around the WaterFire event. This incredible experience takes place in the middle of downtown on the waterfront. With a visually stunning fire display of nearly 100 bonfires along the river paired with artistic performances, this unique installation is something both young and old will find entertaining and memorable. During the winter months, residents enjoy the Alex And Ani outdoor ice skating rink in the heart of downtown.

For those with gifted students, the nearby summer program at Brown University provides an outstanding opportunity for high school students to study college-level courses and immerse themselves in subjects of interest.

#3: Ithaca, NY – Cornell University

Average Price For 4 Bedroom Rental- $1,832
Livability Score: 70 with high grades for amenities

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With the slogan, “Ithaca is Gorges”, one of the best attributes of this high ranking city is the plethora of waterfalls and gorges nearby. With over 28,000 acres of public forest and an array of natural lakes, this city is the perfect fit for those who want their students to have an educational opportunity and their whole family to have access to the great outdoors. Ithaca proves that you don’t need to sacrifice natural beauty to access a high level of amenities and education.

Downtown Ithaca, known as the Ithaca Commons, boasts over 100 shops, restaurants, vendors, and entertainment, all within a four-block radius. The Commons is also the home to year-round festivals, such as free summer concerts, the Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival, the Annual Chili Festival, and more. Want to unwind? Check out one of the numerous family-friendly breweries or cideries in the area.

For those who have students interested in participating in a summer college program, the one found at Cornell is hard to beat. This world-renowned college provides the opportunity for students to study, live, and explore majors through a three to six week Ivy League program. This beautiful campus is located in downtown Ithaca and is situated among waterfalls, rivers, and woodlands.

With the lowest four bedroom rental prices on our list, Ithaca is an outstanding and dazzling city in which to raise a family.

#2: Evanston, IL – Northwestern University

Average Price For 4 Bedroom Rental- $2,690
Livability Score: 78 with high grades for amenities, education, and lack of crime

Evanston, IL, boasts the highest livability score on our list. With a focus on creating the most livable city in America, Evanston provides an exceptionally inviting location for families to live. Evanston has earned high accolades for their number of amenities, high standard of education, and low levels of crime. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Evanston provides a beautiful backdrop for outdoor activities and exploration.

If you are looking for a place to live that offers a plethora of dining options, it is hard to beat downtown Evanston. One look at their downtown dining list and you will be prepared to try something new every day. Known as “where Chicago and the North Shore meet” downtown Evanston is a unique blend of suburban comfort and big-city flair. With easy access to Chicago via public transit, Evanston will provide you and your family a connection to world-renowned museums, entertainment, and education.

Home to Northwestern University, Evanston will allow gifted high schoolers the chance to excel both academically and socially. Through the Equinox program, talented students will be permitted the chance to study in a world-class university, taking part in exceptional courses and activities taught by master instructions. Students might discover they not only want to partake in these advanced classes but that they want to continue their studies post-high school at this renowned university.

top city with summer college programs for gifted students#1: Iowa City, IA – University Of Iowa

Winner Of The Top US City With A Summer College Program For Gifted Students

Average Price For 4 Bedroom Rental- $1,876
Livability Score: 76 with high grades for amenities and education

With the second highest livability score paired with the second lowest rent prices on our list, this town takes the number one spot as the Top US City With A Summer College Program For Gifted Students. Iowa City, known as a collection of curious communities, provides outstanding amenities and educational opportunities all wrapped up in a classic American small town.

While you might expect Iowa City to be a land of cornfields and not much else, the area actually offers an exceptional host of activities, culture, art, and entertainment. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the city’s location along the Iowa River will provide an array of outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking, and biking.

Take a visit to the Iowa City downtown district to take part in concerts, festivals, and more. Home to restaurants, shops, and art galleries, this bustling downtown provides activities the whole family will love. Check out fun events like the new Downtown Block Party or the ongoing Rhythm & Brews. Iowa City is focused on creating an all-inclusive culture that welcomes everyone with open arms.

Home of the University of Iowa, this college town provides the perfect location for families who want their gifted students to excel. Known for being “The City Of Literature”, this education-focused city celebrates rich cultural offerings. The University of Iowa is one of the top research institutes in the nation, and their summer programs provide gifted high schoolers the chance to assist with conducting research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

With average four bedroom rental prices under $2,000 a month, this charming community attracts both families and college students alike. It is easy to see why Iowa City, with its unexpected plethora of amenities, ranks as the top US city with a summer college program for gifted students.

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