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  • Featured Northwest City: Affordability & Livability

    TurboTenant Featured Northwest City For Affordability & Livability


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    Pullman, WA – The Prize Of The Palouse

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    Located in the southeastern portion of Washington, hugging the border of Idaho is a small but vibrant community. Part of the Palouse region, Pullman, Washington, is a community centered around small-town charm paired with the influence of a Pac-12 university. Due to the high level of amenities offered, the affordable cost of living, and the growing economy, Pullman is recognized as TurboTenant’s Featured Northwest City For Affordability And Livability. In order to be a featured TurboTenant city, a town must demonstrate a high level of amenities, a one bedroom rental cost of under $1,000, and exhibit a thriving economy.

    With the presence of Washington State University, Pullman makes an ideal investment location for landlords. The diverse personality of Pullman makes it an appealing place for both individuals and families. Read on to learn more about why this city made our top featured city list.

    Pullman By The Numbers

    Average Rental Prices

    average rent prices in Pullman
    For those looking to rent in Pullman, the extremely affordable cost of living makes it a realistic goal. Whether you are an individual looking to rent a one bedroom or a family in need of more space, rental properties abound. Opting for a rental near the downtown hub of Pullman will cost you more on average, versus renting on the outer edges of town.

    Interesting to note is that Pullman is a predominantly comprised of renters with less than 30 percent of homes owner occupied. This makes Pullman an ideal opportunity for those looking to invest in rental properties. This large rental population is a direct result of the large student body population. Washington State University has an enrollment of over 25,000 students annually. With Pullman only boasting a population of around 33,000, the student body nearly doubles the size of the town.

    Thriving & Growing Economy

    Pullman has a growing economy, with continued job growth projected. Washington State University is responsible for employing a large number of residents. Educational Services as an industry makes up almost half of the employment in Pullman.

    Washington State University

    Washington State University is one of the biggest focal points of Pullman. With a diverse, growing student population and a high level of academics, this university fuels the city of Pullman with young blood, increased job opportunities, and culture. From bars named after the university’s mascot to the electrifying effect of game days, this Pac-12 University helps define the city of Pullman. Once a Coug, always a Coug.

    Idyllic And Engaging

    cougar plaza

    If you can picture yourself enjoying an idyllic life in a peaceful and naturally beautiful location, Pullman might be the perfect location for you. With the lowest crime rate for any city with a Pac-12 University, Pullman provides both the calm of a small town and the fun of a university city. Whether you enjoy spending your free time strolling around town, hosting backyard barbecues or sampling the newest craft brews in downtown, Pullman is the locale to do it in.

    Pullman is the perfect place for those who enjoy the simpler things in life and would rather spend their weekend hiking in the woods than clubbing downtown. Nature is one of the highlights of this Washington town. Part of the Palouse region, hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, and scenic strolls are all nearby. The Pullman River Walk hosts a pedestrian and bike path along the Palouse River in the heart of downtown Pullman.

    For those looking to raise kids, the outstanding school system and extremely safe neighborhoods make Pullman an ideal place to settle down. In fact, Business Week placed Pullman as the #1 city in Washington to raise a family. Not only do the local schools provide exceptional education opportunities, Washington State University allows high school students who excel to start earning college credits before they ever graduate.

    Andrew Lang/Pullman Chamber of Commerce
    Andrew Lang/Pullman Chamber of Commerce

    Local activities range from arts and culture to Farmer’s Markets and museums. Attend the well-loved National Lentil Festival to enjoy a lentil cook off, local beers and wines, as well as free musical entertainment. Head to the Wawawai Canyon Winery to enjoy regular exhibits and local artists as well as samplings of local wines. Relax with the family in one of the many Pullman Parks, and head downtown for dining options.

    Relocating To Pullman

    Whether you are a renter looking to find the perfect property in Pullman or a landlord looking to invest, this charming town holds opportunity and promise. For those who opt to become Pullman landlords, check out our helpful page of resources dedicated to your city. For renters, be sure to let your landlord know about TurboTenant through our Refer-A-Landlord page and earn yourself a free Amazon gift card.