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Put The Systems In Place to Manage the Entire Rental Process

Acquiring a rental property isn't easy, but being a landlord can be. TurboTenant's free all-in-one property management platform guides you through putting the right systems in place to manage your growing portfolio yourself. You'll build equity without the stress.


Find Your First Tenant Fast

Don’t worry about how to get the word out. Post your property for FREE on dozens of the most popular rental listing sites like Facebook Marketplace, Rent.com, ApartmentList, Realtor.com, and more. Our landlords average over 22 leads per property!

see your leads in one place

Keep potential tenants organized in one place.

You won’t get overwhelmed when you can see all the renters interested in your property on one screen.

pre-screen any interested renters

Don’t waste time on tenants that don’t fit your criteria.

Even if you’re a first-time landlord, you know the type of tenant you want. So we automatically screen each lead.

have your own professional listing page

Have a professional webpage for your rental.

We’ll automatically create a professional and easily shareable listing page for each of your rental properties.

TurboTenant has revolutionized, streamlined, and routinized my entire procedure for securing tenants. Without hiring anyone I am able to successfully find quality renters with minimal cost to my own time and resources.

- Matt G. -


Applications & Screening

Rent To a Tenant You Can Trust

While they might seem like a good fit after meeting them, don’t rely on your gut. With an extensive online application and screening report, you’ll get back the information you need to decide if you should rent to them.

Invite Them to Apply Online

Found a tenant you’re excited about? With one click, invite renters to fill out their application. You’ll get answers to the questions all professional property managers ask:

application summary - move-in, income, pets, smoking, and landlord reference

Run a Credit, Criminal, and Eviction Check

You’ve probably heard horror stories about bad tenants. Get an extensive screening report so things turn out differently for you. A great rental experience starts with having a reliable tenant. And since we charge the renter the fee, the report comes at no cost to you as the landlord.

screening report summary - shows credit score, criminal history, evictions, public records, and number of collections


Manage Everything In One Place

Even if you’ve never been a landlord before, you can still manage it like a seasoned pro. From lease details to communication history, you’ll have extensive records and tools to stay on top of the entire rental process.

Track Maintenance Issues

Things at your rental property are going to break. Your tenants can easily let you know about issues via TurboTenant, and you’ll get a clear history of what has been fixed and when.

Keep Messages in One Place

Easily communicate back and forth with all your renters. All messages are stored in one place for whatever might come up.

Stay Organized

From signed lease agreements to condition reports, store and share important documents with your tenants all in TurboTenant.

Signing Docs Has Never Been Easier

For a small $9 fee, sign documents from anywhere using a phone or computer. No need to meet tenants in person or use a scanner!

shows lease documents and messaging
shows lease documents and messaging

Rent Payments

Collecting Rent Should Be Convenient For You and Your Tenants

As a landlord, you’re running a business, not collecting money from friends. Unlike Venmo or Zelle, you’ll get a comprehensive, professional rent payment system.

Set up Recurring Charges

Don’t worry about sending a Venmo request each month. TurboTenant automatically notifies and charges your tenants.

Know Who Owes You Money

Whether you have one tenant or 20, see the status of all unpaid charges in one place. You’ll be notified as soon as a payment is made or if it is past due.

Automate Payment Reminders

We’ll let your tenants know that they have an unpaid charge. And we automatically remind them to pay so you don’t have to.

Keep Everything In One Place

You’ll have a log of their payment history right alongside their rental application, message history, and lease details.

Don’t Spend Extra - It’s Free

Online rent payments are free for landlords, and renters paying with ACH. Tenants incur a 3.49% processing fee if they pay by credit or debit card.

view of unpaid and past due charges

Join the 300,000+ independent landlords that rely on TurboTenant to create welcoming rental experiences.

So what’s the harm? Try it today!