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“Easy to use, and ideal for me as a small investor. Helps keep me organized. And of course the advertising. On my first property, I had over 200 leads submitted to me.”


“Ease of use interface, responsive customer service, convenient.”


“The best tool I've ever used as a landlord! The application process, screening process and recommendation of a tenant is so user-friendly”


"I love the marketing feature and how many leads I get from each listing! Saves me so much time in not having to post listings manually on these other sites! I love that I can upload the signed leases and other documents. I love that it reminds the tenants to upload their insurance policy. Saves me so much time!"


“I have been a member of TurboTenant since December 2016. Your website platform is very easy to use and is great at listing my rental property and conducting background checks on potential tenants.”


“As a property owner, it has made it easy for me to scan and screen applicants with confidence and without hassle.”


“Your system is great, very helpful and thorough with the background check. Made the applicant screening process so much easier than when done manually.”


“Everything I need is at my fingertips and it seems to get better and better. Always up-to-date too!”


“I really like the one-stop shop feel of TurboTenant. It really makes renting easy for the small landlord.”


“I'm getting LOTS of leads. 2 or 3 may even be worthy of signing a lease! Also, it lets me go at my pace to see who is the "right fit" for my condo.”


“This is really all you need as a landlord! Amazingly comprehensive and easy to use interface. It does it all. Thank you!”


“Easy to use! Super fast background and credit check. Great to keep everything organized!”


"Love your website. I've been using it for a few weeks and have been getting a ton of great leads from it. I have told all of my coworkers about it and most of them are using your site as well now."


“I love TurboTenant. They're personal with their consumers. I received a handwritten letter in the mail. That was enough to secure my commitment to them.”


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