4 Ways To Lose Good Tenants

Once you’ve found someone great to live in your property, you’ll want to have them around for a while. Keep good tenants by avoiding these mistakes.

1. Not having a good screening process

A thorough tenant screening process will help you find quality tenants, so be sure to use one with all of your tenants. If you own a multi-family property, don’t risk moving in bad neighbors for your current tenants by skipping tenant screening. It’s recommended that you run a screening report on all applicants over the age of 18.

2. Ignoring maintenance requests

No one likes to be ignored, so it makes sense that a renter might get frustrated if they feel as though their requests aren’t being met. A simple acknowledgment of the situation and their frustration can go a long way.

3. Not creating a safe environment

Along with larger maintenance requests, your property will have safety needs that will need to be addressed. Some of them are routine, like making sure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order when your occupants move in. Some of them may be more involved. Either way, keeping your property safe will keep your tenants happy.

4. Increasing rent unexpectedly

It may be financially necessary to raise the rent at times. If you have a good tenant, you don’t want to lose them over an increase in rent. Surprising them with a large increase or not providing them with an advanced warning might mean that your tenants will be looking for a new place.

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