4 Ways Tenants Celebrate 4th Of July

Ahhh, 4th of July! A time for barbecues, family, and festivities! Check out the top ways your tenants will celebrate this exciting holiday.

Celebration #1: Lighting the house on fire

image of a 4th of july celebration by a renterOne of the best ways for tenants to celebrate the Fourth of July is with a good ole’ fashioned house burning. Who cares about fire safety at this time of year? The bigger the fireworks, the better. As a tenant, lighting the house on fire is a right of passage.

Bonus: Been wanting to meet the local firemen? It’s your lucky day on the Fourth of July.

Celebration #2: Burning up the balcony

Fourth of July calls for grilled hot dogs and burgers. Where better to grill those delectable treats than on your rental balcony. Let ashes fly and cinders burn holes through those new wooden planks.

Bonus: Been thinking the balcony cost you too much in upkeep? Good news! After this Fourth of July celebration, you can say goodbye to the nuisance.

Celebration #3: Upsetting the neighbors

person partying in a rentalWho has ever heard of a quiet Fourth of July? With a holiday well known for resounding bangs, startling pops, and ear deafening booms, throwing a quiet party will not be on your tenant’s list of to-dos. While everyone expects Fourth of July celebrations to be a boisterous affair, why stop there? Nothing says holiday like partying till the wee hours and ensuring the neighbors are truly annoyed.

Bonus: Have you been wanting to meet your neighbors but weren’t sure how? Your tenants will have you covered when they throw a raucous event that results in the neighbors banding together to meet you and possibly the local cops.

Celebration #4: Letting things go to the dogs

gang of small puppersThe Fourth of July is a celebration of independence, so what better day is there for giving dogs a little freedom as well? While your tenants are out enjoying a fireworks display, their dogs will be freely roaming the home. Fireworks can be a stressful experience for pets, so these roaming mongrels will find their zen by tearing up the home.

Bonus: Been thinking the rental home needs a remodel? Once the dogs have torn down a few walls, your remodeling dreams will quickly become a needed reality. Start picking out the new paint.

Finding Tenants Who Celebrate Responsibly

While the above Fourth of July celebrations might be a bit of an exaggeration, the reality is that year-round, trouble tenants can cause serious damage to your property and countless headaches.

The best solution is to find tenants who can enjoy holidays, such as the Fourth of July, responsibly. Not all tenants are the same and, when you screen tenants thoroughly, you can actually find tenants who will treat your property with the same respect they would their own home. By taking the time to run background, credit, and eviction checks on potential tenants, you can save yourself from disasters down the road. While there are no guarantees, tenant screening goes a long way in saving you from nightmare tenants.

Happy Independence Day from the team at TurboTenant. Take advantage of our free tenant screening service to help protect yourself from the celebrations above.

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