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Did you Know? In the State of Texas

Unless noted otherwise in a lease, the landlord must accept cash payments and offer a receipt for cash payments (Tex. Prop. Code § 92.011).
Unlike many states, there is no max amount landlords can charge for a security deposit (Tex. Prop. Code § 92).
Landlords must remedy bed-bug problems if tenants have informed them in writing, tenants are not late on rent, and the infestation was not caused by tenants (Tex. Health and Safety Code § 341.011 and 341.012).
A landlord must offer the tenant a written notice (underlined or in bold print) regarding the tenants’ rights in the event a landlord fails to make necessary repairs (Tex. Prop. Code § 92.056).
Landlords are required to give written notice of entry, but there is no notice period specified in Texas law (Tex. Prop. Code).


We Have You Covered Under Texas Rental Laws

We all know you “Don’t mess with Texas”, and the same goes for our Texas lease agreement. Crafted by a team of lawyers and landlords, our lease will ensure you stay protected and compliant by covering all the essentials specific to Texas rental law. For example, it includes, but is not limited to:

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Customize Your Texas Lease

As Texas landlords, y’all know the rules that apply in Austin might be different in Waco – that’s why you’ll be able to customize your lease agreement to include unique clauses about your rental property.

Whether it’s info about boots on the hardwood, pickup truck parking, pool hours, or even hanging up Dallas Cowboys posters, you’ll have the option to input all your customizations into our lease agreement.


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Texas Landlord-Tenant Law Guide

Get to know important landlord-tenant laws in Texas, and find state and city-specific resources so you can stay on top of your landlord duties.

Texas Lease FAQ:

Yes, our Texas lease agreement was created with local lawyers and landlords to ensure landlords are complying with state landlord-tenant laws. It’s important to note that as new rental laws are enacted and put into place, we will update our lease agreements accordingly.

Our Texas lease agreement is compliant with state laws, but we do recommend you have a lawyer review your lease agreement – especially any provisions you may have added.

Our Texas lease agreement costs only $29 for a single-use lease. If you are interested in unlimited leases, you can purchase our Unlimited Plan, which also includes unlimited e-signatures and 32 essential landlord forms.

Yes, you can make a month-to-month lease agreement with TurboTenant! While filling out your Texas lease agreement, you can select the right lease terms including month-to-month or a more longer-term date range.

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