3 Tips To Getting Your Tenants To Love You

To keep business interactions running smoothly, it’s important to nurture the landlord-tenant relationship. It doesn’t take flowers and chocolate to earn their affection. We have 3 tips that will have your tenants singing your praises.

Tip 1: Keep the Lines of Communication Open

We all know how frustrating it can be to try and talk to someone who is difficult to get ahold of, so be aware of your response time when communicating with rental applicants and tenants. Applicants might have questions about your property, or wish to see it in person before applying. Since your place might not be the only place they’re interested in, a lack of response or a delayed reply could cause them to move on to another listing. It’s a good idea to respond to inquiries within a couple of days.

Your tenants may also have requests regarding the property. Even if you can’t fulfill all of the requests, it strengthens the landlord-tenant relationship if the tenant feels that they have been heard. Landlords appreciate tenants that speak up if there is a problem and tenants love landlords who take their opinion into consideration.

Tip 2: Stay on top of Property Maintenance

As a landlord, you may get phone calls about broken appliances or leaking roofs from frustrated tenants. These emergencies are a nuisance and they can be quite costly. Let your tenants know that you understand their frustration and that you will remedy the situation as soon as possible. Showing them that you are taking the issue seriously will help diffuse the situation. If it’s going to take time to resolve the issue, then let them know.

You don’t have to wait until disaster strikes to show off your home improvement skills. Routine maintenance shows your tenants that you care about their experience in your property. The move-in walkthrough is a good time to catch anything that you may have forgotten to take care of when your last tenants moved out.

Tip 3: Make the Rental Process Easy

Take some of the hassles out of the rental application process and we guarantee that your tenants will appreciate it. Consider using online applications to streamline the application process. Make sure that your listings include pictures and are mobile-friendly.

Also, be considerate of the type of background and credit report that you run on your applicants. A “hard” inquiry credit check, like the kind that financial institutions run on loan applicants, affects the applicant’s credit. Imagine if a tenant was applying to multiple properties and the landlords were using this kind of check. Instead, look for “soft” inquiry checks that won’t affect the applicant’s credit.

There may be times when you will need to go above and beyond in order to improve a landlord-tenant relationship. However, using these simple tips will allow you to make a great impression on your applicants and tenants.

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