4 Things To Do When Your Tenant Moves In

Moving day is here! Do you have a solid move-in process? Check out our tips below for getting your tenants acquainted with the property.

1. Read over the lease

Reading the lease aloud to your tenants may seem like overkill, but it doesn’t hurt to start out the occupancy with a review of the basic rules. This is a great opportunity for tenants to ask any questions that they may have. Going over the lease reiterates important details and lets your renters know that you care about the rental agreement and will honor it.

2. Take them on a detailed tour

Your renters may have already gotten the basic tour, but now it’s time to go into details. If you have an information packet, then go over what’s inside. Show them how to shut off the gas, electricity, and water. Don’t forget to brief your tenants if you have an alarm system.

Make sure they know how to reach you if something goes wrong.

3. Complete a move-in inspection / condition report

The move-in inspection is a bit of housekeeping that you won’t want to leave out. When tenants move in, make sure to complete a condition report. The condition report is the checklist that landlords and tenants complete during move-in and move-out.

The landlord and tenants do a thorough walkthrough of the property and note the condition of each item on the checklist. The list includes items like light fixtures, walls, floors, and appliances. Once the walkthrough is complete, the landlord and tenants sign the checklist.

Some landlords take photos of the property so that it’s easier to note any changes in the property’s condition. You’ll want to do another condition report when your tenant moves out.

4. Give them a tenant welcome package

This fun and completely optional element of the move in will set you apart from other landlords and show off your softer side. No matter how little you spend on it, the gift will be a thoughtful gesture.

Congratulations on filling your vacancy! Welcome your tenants like a pro with these tips.

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