5 Easy Tips For Showing A Rental Property

After you market your property and you start to gain interest in the rental, it is time to prepare for property showings. Creating a compelling property listing is important to the success of your marketing and, in a similar way, conducting a favorable property showing is important in keeping an applicant’s interest. Most applicants will want to tour the property before they fill out an application. It is important that during this stage you do not lose qualified applicants. In order to attract the best applicants and keep their interest, implement these 5 easy tips for showing a rental property.

1. Start With Preparation

Before you show the property, you need to prepare the property. Even things as simple as mowing the lawn, dusting off the mantle, and sweeping the front walkway will go a long way in making the place look more enticing.

Remember, you want prospective tenants to be able to envision themselves living in the rental unit. If the place looks overgrown with weeds, it will be harder for people to see it as their next home. During the property showing you are also trying to attract high-quality tenants. Those who take care of their home will be looking for a property that is cared for.

A quick list of items to look over before you show the unit include:

  • Mow the lawn and pull any overgrown weeds
  • Sweep the front walkway and make sure the path is clear
  • Dust the interior and sweep up any noticeable dust bunnies
  • Clean the windows to allow the best light in
  • Do a quick walk through to look for any repair you might have missed
  • Test the lights to make sure they all work

Once the place is in order, open up all the doors, including closets. This will make it easier for people to tour the property and is especially helpful if you are showing the property to more than one person at once.

2. Extend A Warm Welcome

photo of a handshake extended

When your potential applicants arrive, be ready to welcome them warmly. Even if you are having a stressful day, be sure you create a welcoming atmosphere for interested parties. Greet potential tenants with a smile. As an added touch, you can have bottles of water on hand to offer to applicants as they tour the property.

One of these interested parties will hopefully become your next tenant so it is important that you start the relationship off on the right foot. Professionalism and manners go a long way in helping sell the property. Remember, tenants are not only interested in what the property looks like, they are interested in what kind of a landlord you will be.

3. Answer Questions And Point Out The Best Features

As you show the property, guide the potential renters through the home highlighting the best features. For example, if the kitchen has a brand new fridge, point it out and mention how it will help save on energy. If utilities are included, bring that up as you show them around.

Be sure you are ready to answer questions tenants may have for you. Take the time to listen carefully to what they are asking. Never hurry prospects through the property. You want to give them the chance to envision themselves in the rental.

4. Make The Next Step Easy

After you show the property, if you have people still interested in renting the unit, make sure the next steps they need to take are easy. Remember, most applicants are probably touring more than one property. Have a flyer on hand with photos of the place and information so that they can remember your place.

TurboTenant property flyer for rental showing

Include information about how they should apply for the property. Using an online rental application will make this step easy. You can simply direct them to the website and let them know how to apply. If you use tenant screening, let them know what application fees will be involved.

5. Follow Up With Interested Parties

If you talked to potential tenants that showed interest in your property and, after pre-screening, you feel like they would be a good fit, make sure you reach back out to them. Follow up with a quick email providing a link to your application and your contact info. This final touch can help your property stand out from others. As your last step, make sure you screen the tenants thoroughly.

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