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    Blog - 5 Things Landlords Want Tenants To Know


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    Landlords and tenants aren’t really that different. No, really.

    So, what do landlords have on their mind? Find out with our list of things that landlords want tenants to know.

    1. First impressions matter

    How you present yourself during the showing tells the landlord what kind of interactions they can expect from you. Take it seriously and treat it like a job interview.

    Most likely, you are not the only applicant, so you’ll have some competition. Having a tidy appearance and polite attitude will go a long way.

    2. They do check

    When you apply to a unit, there will be a credit and criminal background check. If you know that something’s going to come up, don’t hide it and don’t lie about it. A negative record on your screening report will look much worse if it comes as a surprise to the landlord.

    3. If there’s a problem, they want to know

    The sooner the issue is addressed, the better it is for the both of you. Did you accidentally drive into the garage door? Is your financial situation a little shaky? Waiting to disclose these situations will not make the problem go away and your landlord does want to know about them. Communication is key to any good relationship, so talk it out.

    4. The rules are there for reason

    The lease is there to protect both parties and the rules and fees outlined in the agreement are in there intentionally. Landlords don’t want to have to impose late fees on rent payments or bug you to maintain the yard. However, their property is a business investment, so they want to protect their property and their income, too. Understand that they may have had some bad experiences with previous renters that led to those rules.

    5. They’re just like everyone else

    There’s a common misconception that only very wealthy people own their own properties, but the lives of landlords and tenants are not that different. Your landlord probably has a full-time job, in addition to property management, and is juggling other responsibilities.

    Use these insights to navigate the landlord-tenant relationship.

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