Crazy Stories & Handling Demanding Tenants

If you have spent any time as a landlord, you are well aware that sometimes things with your tenants get a little odd. From strange requests to baffling behavior, tenants can and do say the craziest things. Check out these stories from our own landlords about crazy tenant requests and read on for some tips and tricks from our pros on how to handle the oddest tenant requests.
May I teach my classes here?

May I teach my classes here?

Image representing a person holding a fitness class in a rental property

At the time, the landlord in this story was managing a small apartment complex he owned. One of his tenants approached him and asked if there was anywhere on property he could use to hold a martial arts class. Due to the small size of the complex and the fact that there was no community room to rent out, the landlord let him know that it would not be possible for the tenant to hold his martial arts classes on the property.

Fast forward a few days and the landlord enters the apartment complex to find that there, in the entrance way of the apartments, is the tenant… leading a martial arts class. As other tenants tried to enter the property they had to dodge nunchucks, kicks, and punches. Needless to say, the landlord had to ask him to stop holding classes in the foyer.

There’s a snake in my microwave

Image of a snake representing a tenant with a snake

This tenant request occurred at 6 o’clock in the morning. The landlord woke up to a phone call informing him that he needed to come over right away, as the tenant couldn’t get her coffee out of her microwave. The reason? There was a snake in the microwave.

Sure that the tenant was losing her mind or lying, the landlord headed over to the property to see what was going on. When he arrived, the tenant pointed him in the direction of the microwave. This particular microwave sat on a small shelf, perfectly fitted to the microwave. There, under the microwave, was a small snake bobbing its head in and out of view. Unfortunately, there was no easy way to grab the snake in such a small space, so the landlord had to carefully remove the entire microwave.

As he pulled the microwave out, the snake fell on the ground where he scooped it up and removed it from the house. While it was a non-venomous snake, the experience gave both parties an adrenaline filled morning wake-up.

Can you let me in to check on my daughter?

holiday trip in an airplane

This time, the request wasn’t from the actual tenant, it was from the tenant’s parents. They contacted the landlord to let him know they were worried about their daughter. They were unable to get ahold of her and they had a trip scheduled to go to Europe with her. After many failed attempts to contact her, they were afraid something tragic had happened.

The day of the flight, they asked the landlord if he could let them into the rental property. Hesitant about breaking any local landlord-tenant laws, he contacted the local police. An officer came out to the property with the group, and they all reached the house to check on the girl.

Upon entering the home, it was realized that the tenant was simply sleeping off a drunken evening of fun. The family missed their flight and, needless to say, the parents were less than thrilled.

Can you let me back into my house?

photo of keys for a rental house

It’s really not that uncommon to be called by a tenant who has locked themselves out. However, in this case, the landlord had let this particular tenant in on multiple occasions. The tenant seemed to have a knack for locking himself out.

At 4 pm on Christmas Eve, the tenant called the landlord asking to be let in. The landlord explained that he was out of town, and the tenant would need to call a locksmith. After calling a locksmith who wouldn’t come out on a holiday, the tenant called the landlord back up and asked the landlord to make the trip back to town to let him in. Unphased, the landlord explained that the tenant could kick down the door and pay for the damages out of pocket or forget about getting in, as he wasn’t going to drive five hours on Christmas Eve to let him in.

This inspired the tenant to try a couple more locksmiths and eventually he found one that would come to the property.

Handling Crazy Requests

While not every tenant will present you with ludicrous requests, the reality is that it will happen to you at some point. The longer you are a landlord, the more numerous the stories of crazy tenant requests become. When you are faced with tenants who ask you for unreasonable or sometimes downright impossible requests, you need to handle it with professionalism.

Taking a firm stance will help prevent you from creating a pattern. If, for example, the landlord above had decided to let the martial arts class carry-on that one time, the tenant would probably have taken the liberty of hosting many classes in the walkway. Or, if the landlord above had driven back into town on a holiday to let his forgetful tenant back in, the tenant would have never learned to remember his keys.

Take the time to screen tenants thoroughly to weed out the worst. Then establish the best relationship you can with a professional stance on requests. Sign up today to utilize our free landlord software for screening tenants with a background and credit check.

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