Keeping Your Cool With Problem Tenants

If you haven’t already, you will run into problem tenants eventually. We’ll help you fight the frustration, keep your cool, and show off your landlord skills like a pro.

Screen thoroughly

Comprehensive screening can be your best defense against a volatile renter. Start out with an online rental application to make the process easier.

Tenant screening does not have to cost you a dime. Use social media to screen your tenants. There are even ways to get free tenant screening reports, so there’s no reason not to get tenant credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction reports.

Don’t take it personally

This can be difficult, but don’t take it personally. As a landlord, you are engaging in a business relationship with your renters. You sign a lease with them to start that relationship. They agreed to follow the guidelines outlined in the rental agreement, and in exchange, you are providing use of the property. If you’re holding up your end of the bargain, then they need to hold up their end.

Document everything

Keep records of interactions in case you need to refer back to them. Always have tenants fill out an application and sign a lease. The lease helps you enforce the guidelines that your tenants agreed to when they moved into the unit. If you and your occupant make any agreements, get it in writing to avoid any confusion later.

Communicate consistently

When your tenants start making demands or there’s tension between you, avoid the instinct to withdraw from the relationship. Calmly answer communications and acknowledge their concerns. This doesn’t meet letting them harass you and you don’t have to take action if it’s unreasonable.

Check in on your property often. Are your renters acting erratically? If your gut is telling you that something is amiss, be sure to make your presence known and ensure that your unit is being properly used.

Take action when needed

Knowledge is power! Get familiar with federal and state laws regarding your rights as a landlord. Find out what you can do if a tenant breaks a rental agreement, damages property, or doesn’t pay rent. These aren’t easy situations to deal with, but knowing what your options are will empower you to make the tough decisions and take action when needed.

Maintaining your composure will get the best results when it comes to dealing with difficult tenants. Know your rights, their rights, and don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and your investment.

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