Tech Amenities That Tenants Love

We’ve written about how tech trends have impacted the way you market your rentals and take applications. What else are tenants looking for in rentals? We have tech features that tenants love.


Connectivity is a huge concern for a lot of tenants. Tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and other devices need strong wireless connections to work properly. Having a great connection is going to appeal to tenants, so be sure to list this as an amenity. If you’re unsure of how well your internet is running, give it a speed test.

USB Outlets

This is an easy and quick way to set your rental property out. A few strategically placed USB outlets can dramatically increase your rental’s appeal. Your tenants will appreciate how easy it is to charge their devices and landlords will appreciate how convenient and inexpensive it is to make the upgrade.

Online Rent Payments

We’ve already mentioned why you need an online rental application, so it makes sense that online rental payments would also be a desirable amenity. Tenants like the option to pay their rent from anywhere and from any device, while landlords benefit from having rent put directly into their bank account. It’s not a difficult transition to make and most services make setup quick and simple.

Smart-Home Technologies

There are many smart-home technologies that are growing in popularity. Thermostats that can be accessed via mobile phone and those that can “learn” a user’s preferred temperatures are perfect for renters who are on-the-go. Remote controls for ceiling fans, lighting, and electric fireplaces provide ease and convenience. While not all these products are cost-effective yet, they are becoming more common and may be an amenity to add to your rental in the future.

Technology trends change quickly, so it’s important to be aware of what home amenity options are out there. Take note of your tenants need are and advertise your amenities accordingly. A USB charging outlet may seem like a small change, but it could be the feature that sets your place apart.

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