The Art Of The Tenant Welcome Package

A welcome package can be a thoughtful gesture to your tenants, but it can also be strategic. We’ll show you some key items that your tenants will appreciate, and some that will start your landlord-tenant relationship off on the right foot.

Cleaning Supplies

While not the most glamorous of gifts, cleaning supplies are practical. An all-purpose cleaner, sponges, and paper towels are easy items to include. Plus, it tells your tenants that you’re expecting the unit to be kept clean.

The Basics

Moving day is a busy time for your tenants, so help them out by stocking some essential items. Toilet paper and hand soap are necessary items that often get forgotten. Light bulbs or batteries for the smoke detectors can also be a nice touch. Your renters will appreciate the thought.

Something for Fido

If you allow pets at your unit, you may also want to welcome your furry tenants, too. This small gesture lets your tenants know that you value all of your occupants and that you know who all of your occupants are.

Local Information

Impress your new tenants with your superior concierge skills. Maps and brochures on local attractions are great for people who are new to the area. If they know their way around town, let them know about the neighborhood. Your renters will see that you’re knowledgeable and invested in the area.

Bonus: A Gift Card

This is the above-and-beyond gift that will really make your new renters feel welcome. A gift card or gift certificate to a local restaurant would be appreciated after a long day of moving. Or a gift card to a place where they can buy a few supplies for their new place.

Once the move-in formalities are out of the way, you can create a great first impression on your tenants with your welcome package. Not all landlords choose to do this, so you’ll really stand out if you put together something for your new occupants. Show them that you care about them and your rental property with a few items.

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