Your Fall Rental Chore List

Temperatures are cooling, leaves are falling, and the kids are back to school. As the season changes from summer to fall, landlords renters have some chores to attend to around the property.

Rake Leaves

Keep the yard looking well-maintained by staying on top of this essential fall chore. Have a good system in place for managing your yard waste, whether that’s through a city or private service. Don’t forget to clear leaves out of gutters so that your gutters can flow properly.

(If you want to reduce the number of leaves in your yard, you might want to consider having an arborist prune them in the winter or late-spring.)

Check your Driveway and Walkways for Cracks

Cement cracks over time. During the winter, water gets into the crevices, freezes, and expands them further. Prevent damage by reducing the cracks in surfaces around your property.

Inspect the Foundation and Siding for Damage

Fall is a great time to repair any damage or wear to the exterior of the house. Summer heat and storms may have lead to damage to siding or peeling paint. Winter temperatures and moisture can lead to further problems.

Clean Dryer Vents

Remove lint and dust from the dryer exhaust duct and from under the dryer. Clogged ducts are a fire hazard, so it’s good to do this regularly.

Take a Look at Electrical Outlets

As temperatures cool and the days get shorter, your tenants will be using outlets for lamps and space heaters. Make sure that electrical outlets are in working order and let your tenants know that they should check cords for fraying.

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