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Did you Know? In the State of California

Operators of subsidized multifamily units are required to give the option for tenants to have their rent payments reported to major credit bureaus (S.B. 1157).
A landlord can refuse to rent to a tenant who has a waterbed or other liquid-filled furniture if the rental property was built before 1973 (Cal. Civ. Code § 1940.5).
To enter a rental property, landlords must give a reasonable, 24-hour written notice to enter during normal business hours (Cal. Civ. Code § 1954).
The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 made it illegal for landlords to raise the rent by more than 5%, plus the local rate of inflation, in one year. (A.B. 1482).
Private property owners are still allowed to prohibit the use and cultivation of marijuana on their property (Prop. 64 § 11362.45.h).


We Have You Covered Under California Rental Laws

We all know what they say about [Hotel] California – such a lovely place. Creating lease agreements from scratch? Not so lovely. As a property investor, the last thing you want to worry about is a time-consuming, faulty lease agreement – that’s why we worked with California lawyers and landlords to ensure you’ll stay protected. 

Don’t sweat it – our California lease agreement covers all the essentials specific to California rental laws. For example, it includes, but is not limited to:

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Customize Your California Lease

We know lease agreements can be as different as Sacramento is from San Diego. As a California landlord, you’ll love having the option to customize your lease agreement to include unique clauses about your rental property.   

Whether it’s info about the pool, parking in San Francisco, electric vehicle charging stations, or marijuana rules, you can input all your unique information in our customizable lease agreement.


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California Landlord-Tenant Law Guide

Get to know important landlord-tenant laws in California, and find state and city-specific resources so you can stay on top of your landlord duties.

California Lease FAQ:

Yes, TurboTenant’s California lease agreement was created with local lawyers and landlords to ensure landlords are complying with state landlord-tenant laws. As new rental laws are enacted and put into place, we will update our lease agreements accordingly.

While our California lease agreements are compliant with state laws, we do recommend you have a lawyer review your lease agreement and any additional provisions you added.

Our California lease agreement costs only $29 for a single-use – for unlimited leases you can purchase our Unlimited Plan, mentioned above, which will also give you unlimited e-signatures and 32 essential landlord forms.

Yes! While filling out your California lease agreement, you’ll have the option to select the lease terms including month-to-month or a specific date range.

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