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Crafted by lawyers and landlords, our residential lease agreement templates include all of the provisions necessary for staying compliant with your state’s landlord-tenant laws. 

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An essential part of the property management process, our comprehensive rental agreements keep both the landlord and tenant covered. You only need to fill out the standard information and any unique details about your rental unit.

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You’ve found the perfect new tenant, had them fill out a rental application, and now it’s time to set up your state-specific rental lease agreement. Whether you want a fixed-term lease or a short-term month-to-month lease, we have you covered from move-in to move-out.

Create your lease right in your TurboTenant account so you can keep everything in one place.


Fill out specifics like the terms of the lease, period of time, monthly rent, security deposit amount, late fees, who is on the lease, pet rules, renters insurance requirements, and the rent due date.


Customize your lease to include unique clauses like subletting, as well as rules, disclosures, or provisions that are specific to your residential property or local area.

Live in New York, Illinois, or Virginia? Our wizard includes the necessary steps to ensure complete lease compliance.


Preview your rental contract before you pay so you can ensure everything looks up to par.


Pay the one-time fee of $59 or sign up for our Premium Plan for unlimited leases. We don’t charge the expensive fees that come with starting a rental lease agreement from scratch.


Sign and send your written agreement for e-signatures right in your account (included at no extra cost).

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Once you pay for your lease agreement, it’s signature time! You can seamlessly send it out to get signed electronically at no extra cost. Once signed, your binding contract will be securely stored in your TurboTenant account.

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Stay Compliant and Covered with the Right Legal Forms & Tools

We offer one simple way to handle all the legal form needs for your rental real estate. Forget about reformatting old Word docs, dealing with a scanner, or fumbling with whiteout. We make it easy to provide written notice and legal documents for a huge range of common situations.

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We know you want to double- and triple-check your lease agreement before you pay. That’s why we’ve made it easy to review your rental agreement at any time during the process. You won’t be charged until you’re confident it’s ready.


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Lease Agreement FAQs

TurboTenant’s custom lease agreements were drafted by a team of landlords and law firms to ensure you are compliant and covered under federal laws and your specific state’s rental laws. Whether you’re renting out a condominium in Florida or a single-family home in Texas, we have what you need to craft the perfect state-specific rental contract.
We include all of the information on a standard lease agreements such as rental address, term lease, monthly rent amount, and security deposit, but you’ll also be able to add additional terms that might be specific to your rental property or local area. The lease agreement is also a great place to add house rules like quiet hours, parking, your pet policy, and how to approach late rent.

A great lease agreement should outline every detail of the lease that the property owner and the renters are entering into. These details include contact information, the people on the lease, the smoking policy inside the rental unit, and what happens at the end of the lease. TurboTenant’s customizable lease agreements make it simple for landlords to craft the perfect document that will keep them compliant, help them avoid evictions, and streamline their rental business.

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