Property Management Accounting Software

Automate your bookkeeping
and simplify your financial reporting

Simplify your bookkeeping
and financial reporting

Retire your spreadsheets and expensive accounting software (that isn’t built for rental property managers). Track your cashflow, download one-click tax packets, and make tax season less stressful with TurboTenant accounting.

It’s time to retire your spreadsheets. Track your cashflow, download one-click tax packets, and make tax season less stressful with TurboTenant accounting.

Rental Property Accounting Software for Landlords

Why TurboTenant accounting is preferred among landlords and investors


Real estate-specific reporting

Access dozens of downloadable reports made just for real estate pros and their tax preparers, including Schedule E’s and one-click tax packets.


At-a-glance property finances

Stay up to date on your operating cash flow with flexible portfolio, property, and unit-level reporting.


No need for manual entry

Automatically sync your TurboTenant rent payments, expenses, and bank account(s) for quick and accurate reporting.

Make better informed investment decisions

P&L statements, one-click tax packets, balance sheets, cash flow — it’s all in your dashboard. Gain access to professional pre-built reports you (or your accountant) needs, whenever you need them.

We’ll even help you find the deductions you might have otherwise missed come tax season.

Set customizable rules for easier reporting

Take the tediousness out of organizing your property finances. Set up rules to automatically categorize transactions – like your insurance payments or your go-to maintenance provider.

Automate your process to avoid costly errors

The expenses and rent payments you log in TurboTenant effortlessly sync to our accounting tool and are automatically marked as revenue for each of your rentals. No more “remembering to log that expense” when you get home.

Pricing for Accounting Software

Accounting is an add-on service for all TurboTenant users by a per unit basis.

Accounting is an add-on service for all TurboTenant users by a per unit basis. Now 50% off your first two months.

Rental Units

# of

First 2 months

Price after 2 months


$7.50 / mo

$15 / mo


$10 / mo

$20 / mo


$12.50 / mo

$25 / mo


$15 / mo

$30 / mo


$17.50 / mo

$35 / mo


$20 / mo

$40 / mo


$22.50 / mo

$45 / mo


$25 / mo

$50 / mo


$27.50 / mo

$55 / mo


$30 / mo

$60 / mo


$32.50 / mo

$65 / mo


$35 / mo

$70 / mo


$37.50 / mo

$75 / mo


$40 / mo

$80 / mo

15 or more*

$42.50 / mo

$85 / mo

* Maximum is $85/mo. If you have more than 15 rental units, each additional unit is free.

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Great software to use for an investment property. I tried a handful of other softwares and they didn’t meet what I needed. This was perfect. Easy to book entries and check a Balance Sheet, P&L, or Trial Balance.

– Austin, Rental Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

REI Hub is our integrated accounting partner, and they make and support accounting software for rental property owners and real estate investors. Their mission is to make investment property bookkeeping easier, more efficient, and less stressful.

Most traditional accounting software is built to support a wide range of industries and customer types. This often results in cluttered software that is hard to navigate and not user friendly. While there may be plenty of options available, none of them are specifically built for rental property bookkeeping.

On the other hand, REI Hub is exclusively focused on the unique needs of the investment property owner. This focus allows them to concentrate solely on providing the best and easiest-to-use accounting software for real estate investors and rental property owners.

Yes, REI Hub can handle accounting for short-term rentals.

Your REI Hub account will be linked to your TurboTenant account. Rent payments received and expenses marked in TurboTenant are automatically pulled into REI Hub. Your properties in TurboTenant will also be automatically created in REI Hub as soon as you start. 

REI Hub uses secure Data Providers (Plaid and Yodlee) to access a read-only transaction feed from your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. REI Hub never has access to your sensitive log-in credentials and information. REI Hub takes your privacy and security very seriously. 

More information about Plaid and Yodlee is available on their websites.

Complete Financial Reporting 

  • Profit and Loss, Statement of Cash Flows and Balance Sheet – available for unit, property, or portfolio. 
  • Schedule E for each property, ready to go for you or your accountant at tax time. 

Other Reports Include: 

  • Net Operating Income 
  • Net Income by Property
  • Rent Roll
  • Cash on Cash
  • Cap Rate
  • Operating Expense Ratio 
  • Tax Packet for you or your tax preparer (plus a Tax Review Service included to help you maximize deductions) 
  • Expenses by Vendor 
  • Security Deposits Held
  • Trial Balance 

No. You can use REI Hub without using Rent Payments in TurboTenant. Your properties’ address and current leases will still be synced.

Yes, REI Hub has a customer support team ready to answer any question that you may have. Email support is available at [email protected] and phone support is available during business hours (9 am – 5 pm EST) at 888-939-6865.

Any billing-related questions can be answered by our TurboTenant support team. 

Yes, absolutely! If you’re already a TurboTenant user, learn how to support your multi-family property in TurboTenant.

Each rental unit will be individually counted for the purposes of pricing. For example, a duplex with two rental units would be priced as two.

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