Collecting Rent online is easier than ever with TurboPay

Easily and securely set up monthly charges for rent and utilities and charge your tenants for one-time fees or deposits. Your tenants will be able to pay by bank transfer (completely FREE) or by credit/debit card (3.49% processing fee). Getting paid should be the easiest part of managing a property! While it will be available to everyone soon, online rent payments through TurboTenant is currently invite-only. Interested in receiving early access? Fill out a short survey, and we will reach out with details on how to get started.

Rent Payments FAQs

How much does it cost?

It is completely free to you as the landlord! There may be a cost to the renter based on how they decide to pay. TurboPay allows landlords to receive payments from their tenants via:

ACH (Bank Transfer) – FREE

Credit or Debit Card – 3.49% Processing Fee

Can you restrict Partial Payments so that only the full amount can be paid at one time?

At this time TurboTenant Rent Payments does not allow partial payments. At some point, we’ll make it a setting to allow partial payments if you allow them but to start tenants can only pay the full rent or fee amount.

Can I charge late fees? What about security or pet deposits?

You can charge your tenants for any one-time fee or deposit! However, at this time late fees will not be automatically calculated or charged. 

How long does it take for the payment to reach your bank account?

Payments on average take 5-7 business days to be deposited into your bank. After accepting the first payment through TurboTenant you can ask your bank to remove any holds to speed up the process.

What info do I need to collect from my tenant?

If your tenant applied online through TurboTenant, you don’t need to collect any additional information from them. That is the beauty of TurboPay! As long as the tenants are part of a lease within TurboTenant, they will be notified about any outstanding charges.

How secure is TurboPay? Will my tenant see any of my bank account information or vice versa?

TurboPay uses the best in class payment processor Stripe to securely transfer money from your tenants to you. You and your tenant’s bank account information is encrypted within Stripe and is not available to anyone else.