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Are you still wasting time dealing with the hassle of paper checks? Coordinating pick up times or waiting for your check in the mail is a thing of the past. TurboTenant is a safe and convenient way for your tenants to submit deposits, fees, and pay rent online.

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Collect Rent Online. Get Paid On-Time.

Setup in Less Than 5 Minutes

Answer a couple of verification questions and securely connect your online bank so you can get paid. No need to collect or share any sensitive information.

Know Who Owes You Money

See the status of all the charges you sent out in one place. You’ll be notified as soon as your renter pays or if their payment is past due.

Automatic Reminders​​

We’ll take care of letting your tenants know that they have an unpaid charge. And we’ll keep pestering them until they pay so you don’t have to.

Everything in One Place

Keep track of your rent payments in the same place you keep tenant information, rental applications, screening reports, and important documents.

Convenient for Renters

Now more than ever, renters want to pay rent online. Renters have the choice to pay via bank transfer (ACH), debit card, or credit card with a click of a button on any device.

Best in Class Security

Collecting rent through TurboTenant is not just the most convenient way to get paid but the most safe and secure, for you and your tenants.


Pricing for Collecting Rent

Collecting rent online with TurboTenant is free for landlords! Tenants only incur a cost if they pay by credit or debit card.

ACH (Bank Transfer)


To both you and your tenants

Credit or Debit Card

Processing fee for tenants

Online Rent Payment FAQs

Can you restrict partial payments so that only the full amount can be paid at one time?

Yes! Partial payments are not allowed by default, but you can choose to allow your tenants to make partial payments within TurboTenant. This is great when you want to let roommates split rent or when you need to create a payment plan with a tenant. Learn more about if you should allow partial payment.

Can I charge late fees? What about security or pet deposits?

You can charge your tenants for any one-time fee or deposit! However, at this time late fees will not be automatically calculated or charged. 

How long does it take for the payment to reach your bank account?

Payments on average take 5-7 business days to be deposited into your bank. After accepting the first payment through TurboTenant you can ask your bank to remove any holds to speed up the process.

What info do I need to collect from my tenant?

If your tenant applied online through TurboTenant, you don’t need to collect any additional information from them. As long as the tenants are part of a lease within TurboTenant, they will be notified about any outstanding charges.

How secure is it? Will my tenant see any of my bank account information or vice versa?

We utilize the industry leaders, Stripe and Plaid, to securely transfer money and ensure your account information is encrypted. Your sensitive information is never available to anyone else. It’s a completely safe and convenient method of collecting rent payments online.

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