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Best for landlords who:
are replacing their property managers want a professional landlord process want access to property manager tools have never self-managed their rentals before need fast, secure rent payments need to connect multiple bank accounts have an LLC for their rental business need to better manage their rental portfolio need to get their listing up as soon as possible prefer support on a phone call want faster online chat support need a trusted income verification method need access to 32 professional rental forms need state-specific lease agreements send out multiple e-signature requests

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Best for landlords who:

have more than one property
are replacing their property managers
need fast, secure rent payments
need to connect multiple bank accounts
have an LLC for their rental business
have never self-managed rentals before
need to get their listing up as soon as possible
prefer phone support
want faster online chat support
need a trusted income verification method
have 2-50 rental units
need access to 32 professional rental forms
need multiple lease agreements
send out multiple e-signature requests

Best for landlords who:
have more than one property are replacing property managers need fast, secure rent payments  need to connect multiple bank accounts have an LLC for their rental business have never self-managed rentals before need to get their listing up as soon as possible prefer support over a phone call  want faster online chat support need a trusted income verification method have 2-50 rental units need access to 32 professional rental forms need multiple lease agreements send out multiple e-signature requests

Why Premium?

You get everything you need to do it yourself. 

If you’re tired of property management companies taking 10% of your profits, or you want to be well-equipped for your first property, our Premium plan can save you time, effort, and money. 

One Price. Unlimited Uses.



Listing Posted
to 50+ Sites

Up to
48 hrs

Less than
24 hrs

Phone Masking

Faster Rent Payouts

Income Insights

Lower Application & Screening Fee

Bank Accounts



Lease Agreements


Lease Addendums




Forms Pack


Chat Support

Faster Response Time

Phone Support

1 Renters are charged a small convenience fee when making payments. Premium subscribers can waive this fee for ACH payments.



Billed Annually at $99

Rental Marketing

Listing Page Review

Up to 48 hours

Less than 24 hours

Income Insights¹

Lower Application & Screening Fee

State-Specific Lease Agreements


Lease Addendums




Landlord Forms Pack


Rent Payments ²

Connected Bank Accounts

1 account


Expedited Rent Payouts

Chat Support

Faster response time

Phone Support

¹ Verify the accuracy of a renter's reported income. Included with a screening report.

²Landlords have access to Autopay, Auto Late Fees, Rent Reporting, and Payments Dashboard features.

How can TurboTenant help you manage your rental business?

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Single Property Landlord

I am a first-time landlord or I manage one rental unit.


Multi-Property Landlord

I am an experienced landlord who manages 2 or more rental units.

Built to accommodate first-time and experienced landlords.

Premium is the best value and most trusted way for you to manage your rentals all in one place, with one professional and powerful tool. Join the 550,000+ other landlords who use TurboTenant to streamline their rental process.

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The purchase of Premium was the best thing I could ever have done. Don’t waste another minute – purchase it and you will be so glad you did.
– Barbara Harders