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Avoid any post-move-in surprises

When you get the full scope of a tenant’s personal and rental history, you can minimize your turnover rate, avoid evictions, and rest easy knowing your investment property is in good hands.

When you get the full scope of a tenant’s personal and rental history, you can minimize your turnover rate and avoid evictions.

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Whether you have one or 1,000 doors, use TurboTenant’s intuitive toolset to streamline your entire process for free.

Build a listing in less than 10 minutes, then push it across the web to collect high-intent leads.

Build and adjust a lease on your own — specific to your state’s laws — in less than 15 minutes.

Get easy tracking, automatic reminders and late fees, accounting, and autopay. Free for landlords.

Rent To a Tenant You Can Trust

Whether you’ve been through an eviction yourself or just heard the horror stories from other property owners, a great rental experience starts with having the right tenant. Join over 600,000 landlords who use TurboTenant to make an informed decision and find a good tenant they trust.

How Tenant Screening Reports Work

It’s straightforward and fast to run a tenant credit report, background check, and eviction check on a renter, even if you’ve never done it before. If you haven’t already had the tenant fill out a rental application, we recommend starting there.

Three Steps to Screening a Tenant

1. Enter Their Email: Yep. That’s it. Screen them by entering their email or phone number. We’ll take care of the rest. You don’t need to collect their SSN or any sensitive personal information — they’ll enter this on their end.

2. TurboTenant Verifies Their Identity: We automatically reach out to the tenant on your behalf to have them answer a few questions to verify their identity.

3. You Receive the Report: As soon as the potential tenant verifies their identity, you’ll get a notification telling you the screening report is ready to review.

Easy to use. Streamlines the process. Provides insight on renter compatibility.

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TurboTenant is the best! Easy to use, great customer service, and my tenants like it, too...Online application and screening reports with fast results.

What’s on the Screening Report?​

Even if you’re a good judge of character, you need a snapshot of a prospective tenant’s financials, criminal record, and eviction history to feel truly confident. Our tenant screening report shows:

credit score, eviction records, and tradelines summary in screening report

The Most Comprehensive Tenant Background Check

Your real estate is too important to play games with, and finding a trustworthy tenant is paramount for the success of your rental business. Without even requiring the renter’s social security number, our tenant screening report can show previous address history, evictions, and criminal records, including sex offender crimes.

Walk Through the Best Online Tenant Screening Process in a Few Short Minutes!


The tenant pays for the screening report

With TurboTenant, you can manage the entire rental process for free! The majority of landlords have the renter pay the fee to cover the screening report. But if you’ve already collected a fee or just want to pay it yourself, you have that option too.


For Landlords

Includes extensive online applications, instant screening reports, and rental marketing.

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  • Includes extensive online applications, instant screening reports, and rental marketing.​


Put The Systems In Place to Manage the Entire Rental Process

Whether this is your only rental property or you’re investing in more real estate, have the systems in place to create a welcoming and professional rental experience for you and your tenants.

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Integrated Rental Accounting: Access a landlord-specific accounting tool that syncs directly with your account.

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Rental Advertising: Have another vacancy? Post to dozens of sites to reach more renters for free!

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Lease Agreements: Get a lawyer-prepared, state-specific lease agreement.

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Document Management: Send, sign, and store important lease documents.

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Rent Payments: Make collecting rent convenient for you and your tenants.

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Maintenance Requests: Create a streamlined process so you have clear records.

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Expense Tracking: Get a clear picture of money-in and money-out and make tax season easy.

What happens when you choose a tenant you trust? It's the start of a great landlord-tenant relationship.

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Tenant Screening FAQs

Many tenant screening companies provide landlords with an incomplete screening report. They leave out essential information like consumer reporting or criminal records. Our renter screening reports give a complete snapshot of any prospective tenant’s trustworthiness and financial stability, and are fully compliant with fair housing laws, as well as federal and state laws. Having a comprehensive screening report helps you rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the perfect tenant for your rental property.

The majority of background checks come from one of three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax. Credit reports from each of these credit bureaus are compiled with data from creditors such as a bank, credit card issuer, or auto finance company, as well as property address history and court records. Some property owners choose to focus on the tenant’s overall credit score, while others look at every detail of the credit report equally. Our extensive tenant screening services use credit reports from TransUnion and paint the most complete picture of a prospective tenant by including employment history, evictions, and criminal records as well.

It’s important that landlords feel good about the tenants that live in their rental property. A comprehensive background check can alleviate a lot of stress and uncertainty up front. TurboTenant’s industry-leading tenant screening process includes criminal reports and a thorough credit report from TransUnion. Our reports give landlords the confidence that they’re renting to the ideal tenant. We always recommend taking your screening process a step beyond our screening reports by conducting a rental history report and income verification.

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