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TurboTenant makes it easy for landlords to select the best renter for their property. Our tenant screening services provide instant access to a tenant’s credit history, criminal history, and eviction reports — all at no cost to the landlord. Plus, our reports are designed to be easy-to-read and mobile-friendly, so you can view your reports from anywhere.

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A Free Tenant Screening Report for Landlords

So how are our reports free for landlords? When a prospective renter completes an application, they pay the $35-45 fee for the screening report. Our seamless system takes the collection of money out of your hands entirely. Already collected a fee from the tenant? You have the option to pay for the screening report yourself.

So why choose TurboTenant? When it comes to finding the perfect renter for your property, you need the best tenant screening services available. Our report is fast, easy and gives you all the information you need to make an informed choice. Get valuable information about each applicant, such as their:

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Credit Score

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Lines of Credit

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Employers on File

Criminal Records

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A Free Tenant Screening Report for Landlords

Get an easy-to-read, report from TransUnion, which includes a credit check, their criminal history, and a list of past evictions. We’ll even handle collecting the fee from the tenant so you don’t have to worry about it.

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Tenant Screening FAQs

Why should you screen a tenant?

Tenant screening is an essential part of protecting your rental investment. The profitability of your investment relies on the ability of your tenant to pay rent and pay it on time. Tenant screening will give you a great look into the financial health and history of your prospective tenant. It can provide you with quantitative data points when evaluating your pool of leads. Learn more about why a tenant background check is essential on our blog.

What does a free screening report include?

Depending on which tenant screening report you chose, the following will be included: 

TurboReport ($35 Application Fee Paid by the Applicant)

Includes the following information:

  • Full Credit Report with a score from TransUnion
  • Payment History
  • Fraud Indicators
  • Credit Screening Recommendation (Accept, Conditional, Deny, etc.)
  • Full criminal background check (checks over 200 million records)
  • Collection History
  • Civil Records 
  • Inquiries

TurboReport Pro ($45 Application Fee Paid by the Applicant)

Includes all of the information above, plus an eviction report that includes the following information:

  • A full eviction check (compares over 25 million eviction records)
  • Failure to Pay Rent
  • Judgments for Rent, Possession, and Money
  • Unlawful Detainers
  • Writs and Warrants of Eviction

How do I pick a great tenant?

Our landlords tell us that their biggest problem is picking one tenant from a large pool of qualified leads. Tenant screening is the first step in gathering the quantitative data that is essential to narrowing down your tenant search. That combined with landlord references, and pet and smoking preferences will also help you narrow down your applicants. Social Media is also another great tool to use when deciding on a tenant. The key is to document everything and have the same criteria for every tenant evaluation, as well as following all laws stated in the Federal Fair Housing Act. Learn more about social media and tenant screening.

What is a good credit score when screening a tenant?

There is a range, and we will guide you. Once you get back your free tenant screening report our screening partner, TransUnion will give you a recommendation based on that credit score. It’s similar to an A-F scale. Credit scores range from 850-350, and we will recommend that you Accept, Low Accept, Conditional Acceptance, or Decline. Learn more about what credit score everyone starts out with.

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