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We aspire to revolutionize the rental process by providing savvy landlords with cutting-edge technology that is intuitive, powerful, and fast. When we succeed, landlords will save time, increase profits, and love our product.

Our Story

Here at TurboTenant, we are able to provide the best landlord solutions because of the history behind our product. TurboTenant is truly a solution created by landlords for landlords.

It all began when our founder and CEO, Sarnen Steinbarth, saw firsthand the need for an easy-to-use and affordable solution geared towards independent landlords.

Steinbarth started landlording at a young age. By age 18, he had acquired a real estate license, by 19, he purchased his first property, and at 22 he owned a 29 unit apartment building.

In 2009, Steinbarth founded his own property management company to keep up with the high demand of his properties. By 2010, he took his passion for property management a step further and started his own real estate education company in the state of Montana.

During these years, Steinbarth not only juggled landlording, property management, and teaching, he also worked full-time as an air traffic controller, met and married his wife, and started a family.

Through his experience teaching, he began to glean important information from his property management students. He saw a pattern emerging around the pain points of landlords and real estate agents. They were seeking a better solution for marketing their property online, accepting applications, and screening tenants – a solution Steinbarth was committed to finding.

Existing software was geared toward property management companies and was pricey for the average landlord, as well as being too complex for the average user. Thus, the idea of TurboTenant was born: an easy, online solution at no cost to landlords that would help bring the process of landlording into the 21st century.

By 2012, Steinbarth and his wife purchased www.turbotenant.com and by 2015 TurboTenant had its first investor, Mark Hopkins.

In October of 2015, TurboTenant officially launched with an online marketing platform, digital rental application, and tenant screening integrated through TransUnion. Today TurboTenant serves more than 400,000 landlords and tenants and growing.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, we have grown to be a team of both landlords and renters, dedicated to making the rental process easy, smooth, and hassle-free.

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