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Created by seasoned landlords, our resources will put you ahead of the curve! From guidance on state-specific landlord-tenant laws to expert advice and free guides, we’ve got you’ve covered. 

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Learn the laws, rights, and responsibilities in your state.

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Federal Landlord-Tenant Laws

Learn about federal landlord-tenant laws and resources available to you.


Is Your Rental Priced Correctly?

By looking at the rent amount at comparable properties in your area and staying up-to-date on market trends, you’ll make sure you price your rental correctly. Here is how our Rent Estimate Reports can help:

  • Know your competition through actual rental comparison data
  • Know local market trends to help you plan for the future
  • Appropriate pricing will allow you to find the best tenants even quicker
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Tools and Calculators

Calculators to help you be successful!

Save time and money with our landlord calculators.

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Rent Payment Tracker Spreadsheet

 Keep track of all of your rent payments and fees with our free rent payments tracking spreadsheet.

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Rent to Income Ratio Calculator

Not sure how much rent a tenant can afford? Easily calculate the range with our rent to income ratio calculator. 

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Move-in Prorated Rent Calculator

Not moving in on the first? Easily calculate the prorated rent amount for their specific move-in date. 

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Move-out Prorated Rent Calculator

Not moving out exactly at the end of the month? Easily calculate the prorated rent amount for their move-out date.


All the right forms to make being a landlord easy.​

Purchase 32 of the most useful forms every landlord needs to be covered for any situation that comes up!

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Make Landlording Easy

TurboTenant offers other resources that will set you up to manage your property on your own, with ease. 

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Free Landlord Guides

Get free guides on the industry best practices for marketing your rental and screening potential tenants.

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Lease Agreements

Get a customizable, state-specific lease agreement, saving you time and money, for just $39.

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Need More Advice?

From preparing for tax season to the latest tips from industry experts – the blog helps you easily manage your property.


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