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Rent Estimates Calculator

Set competitive rental prices with confidence using our Rent Estimate Calculator.

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Landlord Rental Forms Pack

32 of the most useful forms every landlord needs to be covered for any situation.

Free Lease Agreement Audit

Ensure lease accuracy and compliance with our Lease Agreement Audit and Comparison Tool. Powered by AI.

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Rent Payment Tracker

Simplify rent collection and financial tracking with our Rent Payment Tracker.

FREE Tools and Calculators

TurboTenant Calculators

Save time and money with our rental property calculators.

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Rental Property Calculator

Calculate cash flow, cap rate and other important indicators to determine a property’s ROI.

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Rent-to-Income Ratio Calculator

Not sure how much rent a tenant can afford? Easily calculate the range with our rent-to-income ratio calculator. 

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Move-in Prorated Rent Calculator

Not moving in on the first? Easily calculate the prorated rent amount for their specific move-in date. 

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Move-out Prorated Rent Calculator

Not moving out exactly at the end of the month? Easily calculate the prorated rent amount for their move-out date.

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Rental Depreciation Calculator

Maximize your property investment returns with our Rental Depreciation Calculator, tailored for landlords seeking strategic tax benefits

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Financial Freedom Calculator

Achieve your financial goals with our Financial Freedom Calculator, designed to help you map out the path to your desired financial independence.

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Rental Yield Calculator

Optimize your rental property profits with our Rental Yield Calculator, a simple tool for investors to assess potential returns on investment.

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Rental Cashflow Calculator

Enhance your investment strategy with our Rental Cashflow Calculator, an essential tool for landlords aiming to evaluate their property’s profitability.

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Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Plan your asset sales wisely with our Capital Gains Tax Calculator, helping you estimate taxes and make informed decisions on your property investments.

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Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Secure your financial future by exploring refinancing options with our Mortgage Refinance Calculator.

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Is Your Rental Priced Correctly?

By looking at the rent amount at comparable properties in your area and staying up-to-date on market trends, you’ll make sure you price your rental correctly. Here is how our Rent Estimate Reports can help:

  • Know your competition through actual rental comparison data
  • Know local market trends to help you plan for the future
  • Appropriate pricing will allow you to find the best tenants even quicker
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Lease Agreement Audit AI

Does your lease still hold up?

Laws change fast. Stop worrying about compliance and hidden risks in your lease agreements. Our free Lease Agreement Audit AI tool analyzes your lease within 15 seconds and is 100% free!

Check for: 

  • Compliance with Federal and State Laws: Stay up-to-date on recent legislation changes and ensure your lease adheres to all local regulations.
  • Fair Housing Violations: Avoid unintentional fair housing issues by catching potential violations.
  • Rent, Deposit & Late Fee Laws: Ensure your lease follows state guidelines for rent amounts, security deposits, and late fee structures.

Useful Forms For Your Rental Property

All the right forms to make being a landlord easy.​

Purchase 32 of the most useful forms every landlord needs to be covered for any situation that comes up!

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