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Plans & Pricing

Everything you need to professionally manage your rental.



Billed Annually at $139




Rental Advertising

Lead Management

Applications & Screening ¹

Rent Payments ²

Rent Reporting

Expense Tracking

Maintenance Requests


Document Management

Chat Support

Faster response time

Phone Support

Expedited Rent Payouts

Income Insights ³

Connected Bank Accounts



Listing Page Review

Up to 48 hours

Less than 24 hours

State-Specific Lease Agreements



Lease Addendums






Landlord Forms Pack



¹ Renters are charged a fee to cover the screening report.

² Landlords have access to Autopay, Auto Late Fees, Rent Reporting, and Payments Dashboard features.

³ Premium landlords can verify tenant income within minutes via TransUnion, included with every screening report.



One Time Purchases

State-Specific Lease Agreements - $39 Each

Lease Addendum - $15 Each

E-Signatures - $9 Per Document

Landlord Forms Pack - $145



Billed annually, at $139 per year, and includes unlimited properties.

Everything you get as a free user, plus:​

RENTER Pricing

What Your Renters Pay

Application & Screening Fee

Paid when they complete an application or approve a screening report. 


Online Rent Payments

Bank Transfer (ACH)


Credit / Debit Card


Build their credit score when they pay rent.


Optional purchase through SURE.



Pricing FAQs

What if I want to pay for the application fee myself as the landlord?

The most common practice is for the landlord to pass that cost on to the tenant, but landlords can opt to pay this themselves when screening a tenant. This often happens when a landlord has already collected an application fee or if there are application fee restrictions that apply to the property.

When does the renter pay the application fee?

Renters pay when they apply to the property – this allows you to seamlessly get all their information and run a credit, criminal, and eviction check without having to coordinate payment at a later time. If you aren’t looking for an application but still want to screen a tenant, the tenant will pay the fee when they verify their identity for the screening report.

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